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تامر حسنى: الغيرة الفنية صحية وهذه الأغانى تمنيت غناءها

Tamer Hosny: Artistic jealousy is healthy and these songs I wished to sing

The star Tamer Hosny, the guest of the media, Amr Adib, in the “Al-Hekaya” program, and by asking him whether he would change artistically, Tamer replied, saying: “Artistic jealousy is healthy because you develop from yourself, but constructive jealousy and recognize the success of others, and there were songs in which my eyes were in and I myself sang it, but I loved it with a voice.” The singer, the owner of the song, and his word congratulated him on its success, and this song is the kindness of Hussein Al Jasmi.

Tamer Hosni continued: “And also in a great song by Wael Jassar, which is strange to people, I love to hear it from him, and this song is very affected by me, because I was deceived by many people, and we are in a difficult time. You will find people standing next to you and saying sweet words, but inside them there is hatred and wrath.”

And he added in his speech: “Praise be to God, I have many songs and Arab and international awards, and this is all because of diligence. She will be more successful.”

The star Tamer Hosni is currently showing the movie “Mesh Anna”, an idea, a script, a dialogue, starring Tamer Hosni, directed by Sarah Wafik, and co-starring Hala Shiha, Majed El-Kadwany, Sawsan Badr, Sherine, and Hajjaj Abdel Azim, along with a number of guests of honor, including Iyad Nassar, Muhammad Abdel Rahman, and Essam El-Sakka, and its events revolve around Hassan, who is injured by Hassan Gharib, losing control of his hand, and over time he becomes the victim of many difficult and embarrassing situations, while everyone around him refuses to believe his condition.

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