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Tamer Hosny on being honored at the Jordan Jerash Festival: A Tribute to Egyptian Art

The artist Tamer Hosni expressed his happiness to be honored at the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts in Jordan, and thanked the festival management, commenting: “My honor on Jerash Theater is a medal on my chest, which is a tribute to Egyptian art.”

Tamer Hosni posted on his official page on Facebook, a video of his concert at the Jerash Festival, commenting: “Thank you to the dear, beloved Jordanian people. Taj, thanking you for your sincere love, may God protect you.”

The artist Tamer Hosni recently participated in the celebration of the Spanish club “Almeria”, where he revealed his feeling before going up on the stage of a party, and the state of fear and tension he possessed minutes before facing the Spanish audience who sings in front of him for the first time, and also revealed the role of his daughters in calming and supporting him.

Tamer Hosni posted a picture of him with his daughters on his official Facebook page, and wrote in his comment on it: “Before I took the stage for the legendary concert of Almeria Club in Spain, I will tell you all its details in the next post. Once I faced a completely Spanish audience, and I did not know how they would receive me, so there was a lot of tension, so they preferred my side all the time and called me and told me to be afraid, Papa, until I went behind the scenes on the field optimistic about their invitations. I slept, as usual, because it was late. May God keep you for me, the joy of my life.”

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Singer Tamer Hosni performed a huge concert, a week ago, in the new city of Al-Alamein, in celebration of the launch of his new album “Ashanji”. During the ceremony, he sang the songs of the album that the audience heard for the first time.

Tamer Hosni surprised the audience, with the rise of the artist Hana Al-Zahid, on the stage of the concert, where he said that she is a great artist and has great talent, and will become the most dangerous artist in Egypt.

Tamer Hosni presented a number of his favorite songs to the audience, including “Ashaanji”, “Hadalni”, “Hellow the place”, “Suhana”, “I love it, people”, “Ba’ad temporary”, and “Nassini Leh”, And “tell me something,” “every time,” and others.

Tamer Hosni released his latest album, “Ashanji”, through the producer’s channel on “YouTube”, where it included 9 songs, which are: Leh Talha, Ahla Kalam, What is the Army in this way, after a temporary, Sohana, Zey Al-Ayyam de, We took an immunity, record Hey history, Ashangji.