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Tamer Hosny plays and sings and ignites his latest concerts in Dubai..Watch

Tamer Hosny plays and sings and ignites his latest concerts in Dubai..Watch

Tamer Hosni lit his concert in the Global Village in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, a party that a large segment of the Egyptian star’s audience has been waiting for during the last period.

Tamer Hosny ignites his concert in the Emirates

Tamer Hosni starred in his concert in Dubai, where the Egyptian star received a great reception from the first moment of his ascension on the stage of the Global Village, and he was keen to salute the attendees and express his admiration for the large attendance of the public in Dubai for his concert.

Tamer Hosni lit his night with the song “Hey Di”, which he sang with his audience, who also sang the words of the song “Ma Merhmanish Menk”, which he sang at the concert. and the song “Tell Me Kalam”.

Tamer Hosny plays the guitar at his concert in Dubai

Tamer Hosni also appeared at his concert in Dubai, carrying a guitar and playing through it a group of his lyrical works, amid the appearance of a band behind him on the stage that performed some reviews. The Egyptian star Tamer Hosni arrived in the United Arab Emirates last Thursday in order to prepare for the concert, as he made sure To send a message to the great audience through the official page of Rotana on “Instagram”, in which he stressed his eagerness to meet his fans in the UAE and his waiting for them in the Global Village.

Ongoing artistic activity of the artist Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosni performed a party at the beginning of this March as part of the Kuwaiti National Day celebrations, and his wife, the retired Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, published several videos and clips of her husband on stage at the ceremony, and was keen to support him and be next to him in the scenes, and published a video of Tamer Hosni joking with the audience at the beginning of the ceremony, And a video while presenting the song “Hellow Al Makan”, and Basma Bousil sent a message in which she said: “Thank you, Kuwait, for always giving me beautiful memories.”

The artist Tamer Hosni also published in the past weeks the first pictures from the scenes of filming his new movie “Babek” with the artist Hana Al-Zahid, revealing the details of the film and its heroes, and the audience’s longing for the film, saying: “These are pictures from the first two days of filming for our new movie (I Love You), of course, in people will read The name of the movie I love you and people will read it with your love, this is of course intended because in the drama of the movie we will search all the time about the truth of the word I love you from a man to a woman and I love you from a female to a man in events that are really very confusing.. The movie is definitely laughing but in a purely romantic framework. .

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Photos from Tamer Hosny’s Instagram account, and the attached video.