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Tamer Hosny surprises his fans by singing "Arifa" by Ali El-Haggar

Tamer Hosny surprises his fans by singing “Arifa” by Ali El-Haggar

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Cairo – Samia Sayed – The star Tamer Hosni surprised his fans while he was a guest on the “With You” program with the media, Mona El-Shazly, by singing one of Ali El-Haggar’s most prominent songs, after he confirmed that he had great respect for Ali El-Haggar and was constantly learning from him how to move between lyrical classes, Tamer also affirmed his great pride in El-Haggar’s opinion of him when he greatly praised his talent from the beginning.

The episode brought many surprises for Tamer Hosny, who touched on many issues during his artistic career, which was filled with a large number of successful films and albums.

The episode began with the Egyptian supplication, for generosity and the recovery of every patient, during his hosting of the Ma’akum program, broadcast on CBC, where he said: May God fulfill his dreams for everyone. .

Tamer Hosny continued: I always have a principle in my concerts that I see the audience’s joy. I don’t see what I do. If I do work, I just put a stage and sing, but I want to rejoice and impress the audience, and I want when anyone outside Egypt sees concerts in Egypt watching what is happening in the greatest concerts in the world happen in Egypt .

The artist, Tamer Hosni, said that he composes and writes for himself and sings, continuing: “I took an award from the United States of America.“.

Tamer Hosni added, during the Ma3akom program, broadcast on CBC: “In the cinema, I acted and in films of my production and the film written by me, and 90% of my films are written by me, stressing: “I go to weddings to rejoice people, where it is scheduled to be the richest hour except A quarter is rich for an hour and two hours as long as everything is happy in weddings, because I am an artist and I am happy when I find people happy“.

The artist Tamer Hosny confirmed that he can imitate the voices, saying: During the song “Get up and you speak to me”, which Baha Sultan sang, it is from my words and my melody, I said to Baha Sultan, come, surprise Egypt and do something that you and I sing. Bahaa Sultan and I agreed on a date to record the song and it was 12 noon, and I spoke to Bahaa and agreed at 12 noon, and I went to the studio to record the song and waited for it from 12 noon until 8 pm.

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