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دويتوهات تامر حسني

Tamer Hosny’s duets.. a lot of “trends” a little philosophy! | news

Singers usually resort to lyrical duets in order to achieve more success and fame, and each artist is keen to choose the appropriate voice for him to sing with, so that his voice appears in the best form, and the song achieves the desired success.

The artist, Tamer Hosni, despite his fame and success, is not afraid to present various lyrical duets throughout his artistic career. Rather, we can say that he reached a record number of lyrical duets in order to achieve more spread and book part of the success and benefit from some leading the trend and evidence of that is that we do not see A clear philosophy for artistic projects based on duets, but mainly based on the success of the other singer at the time and issued the trend.

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Tamer Hosni’s duets varied, some of which were accompanied by great artists, others to support young and international talents.

Tamer and Sherine

19 years ago, specifically in 2002, producer Nasr Mahrous unleashed two of the most important talents in the Arab world now, Tamer Hosny and Sherine Abdel Wahab, through the album “Free Mix 3”, which achieved resounding success at the time. The album included two very successful duets, “If You Forgot” and “If you are afraid.”

Tamer Hosny and Baha Sultan

Tamer Hosni and Baha Sultan collaborated in a duet “Kom I Aqef”, but the matter here was a little different, as Tamer Hosni participated in singing as a choral voice and not in words, as happens with other duets, but the greatest contribution was in the words and melodies that bore the signature of Tamer Hosni, and the musical arrangement was for Muhammad chosen one.

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Tamer Hosny and Alaa Abdel Khaleq

Tamer Hosni took it upon himself to bring back the stars of the nineties to the fore, including the artist Alaa Abdel-Khalek, through their cooperation in the song “Rasmi Nazmi Fahmy” in 2009, and the song was shared by the composer Mohamed Rahim.

Tamer Hosny and young talents

Despite his fame and success, Tamer Hosni was keen to support young talents on the singing scene by presenting duets with them, such as the artist Karim Mohsen, with whom he presented the songs “Malish Baadak” in 2009 and “Mbansach” in 2011.

Tamer Hosny presented the song “Atman” with singer Alia Hosni in 2010, and included it in the album “I chose Sah”.

International duets

During his 19-year singing career, Tamer Hosni was keen to present many international duets with famous singers such as Shaggy, with whom he presented a song called Smile in 2012 and achieved great success at the time.

Singer Akon also participated in the song “Welcome to the life”, and included it in the album “180 Degrees” in 2014.

Perhaps the most prominent international duets presented by Tamer Hosni were with the American singer Snoop Dogg and bore the name “Si El-Sayed” in 2013.

Tamer Hosny also presented the song Colors with singer Jason Derulo in 2018, and it was directed to the Egyptian team on the occasion of its participation in the World Cup Russia 2018.

Tamer Hosny and Elissa

The duet with Elisa is a registered trademark to ensure success because of her distinctive and sensitive voice, which Tamer Hosny did not miss, and he participated in the duet “Wara Al Shababeek” and the song was shown in the events of the movie “Tisbah Bil Khair” in 2017.

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“Wara Al Shababeek”, written by Mohamed Gomaa, composed by Ahmed Mohi and distributed by Yehia Youssef.

Tamer Hosny and Cheb Khaled

Tamer Hosni participated in Cheb Khaled’s duet “You Are With Me”, written and composed by Tamer Hosni, in 2018, and included it in the album “Aish Beshouak”, and they sang in a new version, including the artist Abdel Fattah Al-Jarini.

Tamer Hosny and the kings of the trend

Tamer Hosni collaborated with Diab, Mustafa Hajjaj and Ahmed Shaibah in the song “100 Wush” in 2018, after they led the trend and included it in the album “Aish Beshouak”

Tamer Hosny Al-Osaili

Tamer Hosni presented the song “Invention” with the artist Mahmoud Al-Aseeli in 2020, in their first collaboration, which achieved great success at the time of its release until now.
The song “Invention” is written by poet Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Ahmed Zaim and arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim.

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