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Tamer Hosny's song "Saabih" crosses 45 million views in 10 days

Tamer Hosny’s song “Saabih” crosses 45 million views in 10 days

Thank you for reading the news about Tamer Hosny’s ​​“Saba” song crosses 45 million views in 10 days and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – The song “Saabih”, which was presented by the star Tamer Hosni on the first day of Eid al-Adha, crossed the barrier of 45 million views on the famous video site “YouTube”. , achieved the third place in the world, and the song had topped the trend at the time of its release, due to the appearance of a different Tamer block that won everyone’s admiration.

Recently, the star Tamer Hosni performed a huge party on the North Coast, during which he attracted large groups of the audience and huge numbers who were keen to attend the concert, which was not limited to the presence of Egyptians only, but also extended to other communities who were keen to be present at the ceremony, which extended for an additional half an hour to the end of the ceremony. Due to the great interaction of the audience with Tamer, they asked him not to stop singing so that Tamer continues after the deadline for completion in response to the desire of the audience.

The ceremony also witnessed Tamer Hosny sing a group of his most prominent songs, such as the song “Saabah”, which achieved great interaction from the audience, as happened during his previous concert in the city of “El Alamein”, which also witnessed a record presence from the audience and fans of Tamer.

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Tamer Hosny’s concerts in the North Coast come at a time when he succeeds in cinema through his latest work, “Mish Ana”, which achieved great success in terms of revenue, reaching a quarter of a billion Egyptian pounds, which is the total revenue between Egypt and various countries of the Arab world, as he mentioned through his account on the website. Yesterday, Instagram celebrated this and thanked all the participants for this success by writing a lengthy post on Instagram, in which he said: “Praise be to God, I am very happy that the movie (Mesh Ana) achieved first place inside and outside Egypt, and I am also happy that it achieved the highest revenue for an Arab film in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema in a precedent that was not He spoke before, as it exceeded $15 million, equivalent in Egyptians to a quarter of a billion pounds, and is still being investigated in cinemas, and most importantly, your respectful, positive reactions towards my first work of writing a story, script and dialogue.