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الفنان تامر نبيل

Tamer Nabil to “Al-Ain News”: Coincidence brought me together with “Kira Waljen”

The Egyptian artist Tamer Nabil is moving in the arena of lights and fame with good steps, as he controls his artistic choices, and always tries to pick and move away from the idea of ​​rapid spread.

When we look at his short artistic career, we find that it is full of serious works, including the theatrical show “Dejavu” and various dramas such as “The Choice 2”, “Except I” and “Apartment 6”. Which won great acclaim from the public and critics.

At first, Tamer Nabil spoke to “Al-Ain News” about his nomination for the movie “Kira Waljen”, saying: “I love working with the wonderful director Marwan Hamed, because he does not discuss issues in a superficial way, but deals with all matters objectively and deeply, and I felt very happy when Marwan Hamed nominated me for a character. Eliezer in “Kira Wal-Jin”.

I read the novel and wished to embody the character of “Eliezer” because it is full of details, as he is a person who controls all the decisions of his life, and there was a strange fateful coincidence when Marwan Hamed spoke to me and told me that he had nominated me to play the role of “Eliezer”.

When Tamer Nabil asked about the difficulties he faced in preparing for the character, he said: “Every role has its difficulty, and I imagine that the difficulty in “Kira Waljen” was in the time period in which the events of the film are going through, as it is very old, and this matter prompted me to go to the villages of Upper Egypt and I sat there for two weeks, Not to learn the dialect, but to know the nature in which Eliezer lived.

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On the audience’s reactions after the film was shown in cinemas, he said: “Thank God, I received good reactions, and this doubles the responsibility, and makes me think a lot about the next steps.”

Regarding his upcoming dramas, Tamer Nabil added: “I am waiting for a series titled “A Dangerous Turn” to be shown on Shahid’s platform on July 14, and I will appear as an officer, with a different, special composition, as he was working in the anti-crime department via the Internet, and suddenly he is transferred For felonies, he finds himself facing a huge crime, and here he feels confused.”