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Target Spain .. Abramovich puts his plan after selling Chelsea!

Target Spain .. Abramovich puts his plan after selling Chelsea!

One of the potential buyers of Spanish club Valencia has revealed that Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich has already offered to buy the “bat”.

Abramovich sold Chelsea last month in response to the British government’s decision to restrict the club, citing Russian millionaire’s links to his country’s President Vladimir Putin, who was primarily responsible for the invasion of Ukraine.

Abramovich will not receive any money from the Chelsea sale due to a fine from the UK government.

Abramovich was recently linked with a purchase of Turkish club Gostep, but the deal was not finalized.

In a statement reported by the English newspaper “Mirror”, Spanish businessman Miguel Zorrio confirmed that he had received a offer from Abramovich, the current owner of Valencia’s Peter Lim.

Giorgio wants to buy Valencia, and he has already auctioned off 248 million euros to Peter Lim, and things seem to be not going well.

Jurio said: “Peter Lim tried to sell the club in London for 250 million euros, but to no avail.”

“Recently, he leaked to the international media that he intends to buy two auctions at mine and Abramovich’s,” he added.

And he concludes: “From here I’m telling him he’s going to make 50 million euros every year to cover the losses he’s making, or he’s selling the club to me whether he wants to or not.”

Valencia are now on sale after years of Peter Lim’s financial misconduct, leading to the club’s sporting and economic decline.

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