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Targeting Crimea in a Ukrainian drone attack

Targeting Crimea in a Ukrainian drone attack

Said Mikhail Razvogaev, district governor Sevastopol Crimean administration on Telegram “There is an attack with drones. Our air defense forces are operating at the moment.”

He explained that two drones “have been shot down so far.” He noted that no civilian infrastructure had been damaged and called on residents to “remain calm”.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet stationed in Port Sevastopol In Crimea, it was attacked by drones before, and this led to a withdrawal

Moscow briefly scrapped a grain export deal with Ukraine after the attack damaged at least one of its ships.

Attack on Donetsk

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian military units thwarted an attack attempt by Ukrainian forces in the direction of the city of Krasny Lyman Where about 40 Ukrainian servicemen were eliminated, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The ministry added in its statement that Ukrainian forces Yesterday, Monday, 8 large-caliber shells were fired at the areas surrounding the station Zaporizhia nuclear.

And she said Russian Ministry of Defense In its statement, it also said that Russian forces “defeated the enemy in the Vodianoye region of the Republic of Donetsk And eliminated 3 Ukrainian subversive groups near the village Pavlovka“.

The statement indicated that the human losses of the Ukrainian forces in this direction exceeded 50 people, including dead and wounded, during the past day.

The Russian forces managed to destroy two platoons of Ukrainian mortars in LuhanskUkrainian units lost more than 50 personnel and were deterred after attempting to launch an offensive in Lugansk Province.

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And in the area Kharkiv Russian forces managed to eliminate a battery of US M777 artillery systems.