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Tariq Al-Arian in a bold and shocking appearance with his girlfriend Nicole Saafan and the audience: "Sugar Daddy"!

Tariq Al-Arian in a bold and shocking appearance with his girlfriend Nicole Saafan and the audience: “Sugar Daddy”!

Watan – the Palestinian director appeared Tariq Al-ArianThe Syrian actress, free Asala NasriIn public for the first time with his girlfriend, an Armenian-Syrian model Nicole Safan.

Casual clothes

And she did Nicole Safan By publishing private photos that Tariq Al-Arian collected on Instagram, during which she recalled the one-year anniversary of their trip together in America.

Tariq Al-Arian

The duo appeared in one of the closed nightclubs, and Asala’s ex-wife was wearing a black spotted white shirt, with jeans ripped from the knee area.

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As for Nicole, she also wore casual clothes consisting of ripped blue jeans and a black top with an open stomach and sleeves.

Tariq Al-Arian

Nicole commented on the photos, saying: “One year ago, like today in Miami.”

Nicole also posted another video of Tarek collecting while they were on a car ride.

late teens

Followers expressed their shock at Tariq’s appearance and behavior, which they described as “childishness” and “late adolescence.”

And the comments came: “Hey, what do your children look like? Who sees you?”

Another wrote: “Grandfather. Tariq with the teenage girl who dies with a shark.

And an activist commented sarcastically: “A teenager, another time.”

Another asked: “What is ashamed about his face and its gray hairs! It is impossible to respect these qualities.”

Tariq Al-Arian Sugar Daddy!

Most of the followers described Tariq as “Sugar Daddy“, who has become called the “rich lover” who is based on covering the financial needs of his beloved and her private expenses in full.

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As a term, it means the relationship between a woman and a man, between whom there are no feelings of love, but only interest and money in the first place.

As for Tariq’s ex, artist Asala, she is still living a burning love story with her husband, the Iraqi poet super good.

love and flirt

Recently, Faeq sent a love letter to Asala in the context of congratulating her on selling out tickets for her next concert in Kuwait.

Hassan published a picture in which he announced that tickets for the Asala concert in Kuwait were sold out, and after: “Best wishes for you. I beg you for love, kiss your hands, and make you a talisman that protects me from my eagerness. Wonderful gifts and the joy of healing from loneliness. Iaatm affection and the smell of contentment. Plant in your land thousands of supplications to bring you closer to you. Glory be to the One who created you from the nectar of beauty and gave you the mist of misery so that you would be authenticity, meaning and reality.

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