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الفنان توفيق عبدالحميد أثناء تكريمه في المهرجان القومي للمسرح

Tawfiq Abdel Hamid.. Aziz Al-Masry’s march stops at the first “Uturn”

“A few days and the filming of the series Uturn ends, after which he announced his permanent retirement from acting.” With these words, the Egyptian artist, Tawfiq Abdel Hamid, announced via “Facebook”, the curtain on his career, despite his recent return to the scene after the disappearance of 12 years, which made his fans feel very sad.

“Tawfik” bid farewell to the art scene, leaving a clear imprint on the minds and hearts of his fans. His career, which was interrupted by his health problems at times, has a number of luminous signs that have consolidated the relationship of the great star with his fans for decades. In their view, he is “Aziz Al-Masry” in “The Morning and Evening Talk,” and “Hassan” in “The People in Kafr Askar.” The journalist “Kamal Abu Al-Azm” in “Hazrat Al-Muthham Abi Abi”, and other personalities that the able artist excelled in embodying.

“Tawfik”‘s mastery of the various roles that he played, reflects a great talent that he was keen to show during his early years, and despite graduating from the Faculty of Law in 1979, he decided to adapt his life to serve his fervent talent, changing his direction to the Institute of Dramatic Arts, until he obtained his degree in 1983 .

During this period of his life, “Tawfik” had a large number of artistic participations, by appearing in the series “The Banquet”, “Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Lighthouse of Islam”, “Wlad Al-Haretna”, “Ibn Taymiyyah”, in addition to the play “Waqdasa” In addition to some television nights, during which he took his first steps in the art scene.

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The series in which “Tawfik” participated was distinguished by its diversity, between historical, social, fictional and biographical works, until his presence was distinguished in not a few of them, most notably “Egyptian Papers”, “Al-Halawani Gate”, “Qasim Amin”, and “Umm”. Kulthum” and many others.

The same distinction was unique to “Tawfik” during a number of cinematic works in which he participated, despite their lack thereof, which was evident in the movie “Mafia” with his embodiment of the personality of the intelligence officer “Waseem”, and “Captain Adel” the boxing coach in “The Dream of Life”.

“Tawfik’s Artistic Train” kept moving forward, until it stopped abruptly and without introductions by 2010. The big star has not appeared on the screen since this period, which revealed his reasons 8 years after his disappearance.

“Tawfik” explained, during the 2018 dialogue, that he moved away from the artistic community of his own free will and did not quit, which was behind his desire to present “a work that is not just a perfect number,” as he put it.

Apart from his desire to present a good job, “Tawfik”’s health conditions played a role in stopping him, and he revealed during the same dialogue that he was about to participate in a series during 2016, but he suffered a herniated disc: “Muhsalsh Nassib.”

The absence of “Tawfik” from the scene, prompted some to spread rumors against him, so some fabricated stories about his suffering in light of his isolation from the art scene, which prompted him 3 years ago to deny what was being raised about him.

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The interest in highlighting the conditions and developments of the great star in this period ended with an acclaimed honor for him at the National Theater Festival, to the extent that he could not control himself and his tears fell.

From this scene, “Tawfik” was keen to appear through visual and written media at different intervals, in a matter that ended with announcing his desire to return to the artistic community, which was declared by his followers via “Facebook”.

“Tawfik” said in a post he wrote last October: “I hope to return to acting and people, but not for more fame and money. I want a work that addresses people’s minds and conscience because of people’s love and respect, which is the greatest thing I have gained in the journey of life.”

And last February, “Tawfik” pleased his fans by announcing his participation in the filming of the “Uturn” series, saying via “Facebook”: “After 12 years of stopping acting, I return in the series (Uturn) as an amateur but with a wage, and the decisive experience is that I continue or come back. to stop.”

To the same degree that “Tawfik” surprised his fans with his artistic return, he quickly decided to retire from art for good.