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TCL introduces new TVs with Android TV 11 and speakers

TCL introduces new TVs with Android TV 11 and speakers

TCL Electronics has introduced new C-Series TV models (C72, C72 +, and C82) in addition to the original TS8132 amplifiers. Televisions will be available in the market in diameters from 43 “to 75”. They all have UltraHD (4K) resolution, have QLED screens, and are powered by Android TV 11.

For the C82 series, the manufacturer emphasizes an emphasis on detail and the smooth rendition of fast-moving scenes. Equipped with Onkyo 2.1 Sound System with Front Beam Speakers. In addition, the C82 offers vertical scanning to sharpen the display of fast-moving objects. Nothing beats a 100Hz motion display, ”says TCL. The C72 + models also have a 100Hz display. The C72 series (without the plus sign) is equipped with Motion Clarity technology for accurate display and enhanced motion rendering.

The C72 + and C82 series feature Dolby Vision IQ 4K HDR technology, which adapts the image to ambient light conditions. The receivers are equipped with technologies for a high-quality viewing experience from streaming services: they support Dolby Vision with Netflix and Disney +, or HDR 10+ with Amazon Prime Video.

Your target customers must also include video game fans. “The C72 series offers automatic Game Master mode with HDMI 2.1 and ALLM, so gamers have low system latency and the best picture settings when playing games. In addition, both the C82 and C72 + have Game Master Pro automatic mode with HDMI 2.1 interface 48” New 2.1 Gbps for higher refresh rates, including 4K at 120 fps. The VRR technology used eliminates image tearing and freezing for smooth, more detailed playback, “TCL promises.

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The C82 series is also equipped with a 1080p video camera with a wide field of view, for example for video conferencing.

The TS8132 supports Dolby Atmos 3.1.2, has a wireless subwoofer and has eight speakers. “It will also become an audio hub with built-in Chromecast, work with Apple AirPlay, Hey Google, and Alexa. It supports HDMI eARC to connect to a TV and is compatible with Dolby Vision 4K,” TCL product introduces.

Author: TCL

The availability of new products on the Czech market and their pricing policy have not yet been announced.