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Teachers of the British Council in Afghanistan have disappeared from the Taliban

Teachers of the British Council in Afghanistan have disappeared from the Taliban

Nearly 100 former Afghan staff of the British Council were hired to teach British values ​​and the English language, and British officials are still hiding in Afghanistan after being denied the right to come to the UK. Joseph Seyton, the former English director of the British Council in Afghanistan, warned of their plight and wrote a letter to the most deserving members of the cabinet seeking their support.

The British government detained Kabul in August, allowing hundreds of them to be deported to the United Kingdom, but they are still trapped in Afghanistan. Seton says employees have applied to come to the UK under the government’s resettlement and assistance policy drawn up earlier this year, but their applications have not been processed or responded to even months after they were submitted. Seton served as English Director for the British Council in Kabul and was Deputy Director from 2016 to 2020.

Chetan told the Guardian: “These people live in constant fear for their lives and were contracted under a British government-funded program to teach English language teachers British values, content and equality, which they (the Taliban) oppose. They have always been said to be employees of the British government.

In an email to Prime Minister Boris Johnson shortly after the fall of Kabul in September, he said:

In a memo distributed to other ministers, she added: “The teachers have served in the highest public conflict roles, many of whom are women, all of whom represent the British Council and work for language, culture and development. The UK must ensure that they are transferred to the UK as soon as possible. “

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