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Tehran and Doha are discussing the possibility of constructing an undersea tunnel linking the two countries through the Gulf

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Iranian Assistant Minister of Roads Ali Akbar Safaei announced on Sunday that agreements in various fields will be signed during his country’s President Ibrahim Raisi’s visit to Doha, one of which is related to the construction of a sea tunnel between the two countries.

Safai referred to the joint meetings held by his country’s delegation today in Doha, headed by Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, with the Minister of Transport and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Ports in this country.

Safai said, “The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is preparing four agreements, in the air sector, the marine sector, the port field, and finally the construction of an underwater tunnel between Iran and Qatar, which is a unique project and will be from Deir Bushehr port to Qatar.”

He added, “We are conducting negotiations and consultations, and the Ports Corporation will present the three agreements under the supervision of the Minister of Roads until they are finally signed in the presence of the Iranian president.”

He continued, “This tunnel would connect all the countries of the North, Europe, the Caspian Sea, the East and West, by land and railways,” noting that “this project is a great development for Qatar and Iran to link the Persian Gulf to the North and South and establish a broad connection with West Asia and the Caspian Sea to the White Sea.” average”.

And he added, “The aforementioned agreement is a major step for the two countries. Part of this agreement relates to the maritime area and at the same time contains a section for roads and railways. For this reason, a joint committee will be formed and will be signed when negotiations between the two sides are over.”

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On Monday, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi will start a visit to Doha, and in his presence a number of agreements will be signed between the two countries in various fields.

Source: Fars Agency.