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Telegram has new web apps and tries to roam the Play Store on Android - Živě.cz

Telegram has new web apps and tries to roam the Play Store on Android – Živě.cz

The Telegram has gained popularity in recent months, but its web version is quite out of date. It now comes with an alternative in the form of two different apps. Adds a new client for Android, which bypasses the Google Play Store completely.

Until now, the popular communication device had a major flaw. Its web version looks poor, but it also loses almost all of the newer features. Don’t send stickers, chat specialty, or display chat files, groups, chat groups, or other tools. Thankfully, that’s changing now. Telegram has posted links to two new apps on the web, which have been named on its website Web k a WebZ.

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These are two new customers Telegram is testing. You can try them now

There are currently two different versions available that differ in details. Functionally, they are almost the same, only WebZ lacks ability to turn on notifications for new messages and cannot be installed as PWA. However, it does allow you to set a uniform background color. For now, it’s best to use the WebK to use.

The existence of both versions may be due to competition, as Telegram has been looking for a successor to its old program, according to the website. Android Police. In the future, it is planned to combine and create one final variant. But now there is nothing stopping you from ditching the old version and using one of the new ones. This gives you access to all the new features, including silent message sending.

A new Android app that bypasses the Play Store

Along with the new web releases, the ability to officially download Telegram comes straight out From the web. The creators state that this is a version with fewer restrictions. As such, the telegram does not control the messages sent between users, but at the same time it faces criticism for allowing various extremist groups to operate. It has also been banned multiple times on the Play Store for posting child pornography. However, for this reason, some channels and groups are not available.

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The Telegram wants to download its client directly from the website

The solution should be this version of Telegram. It can also be useful for users who do not have access to the official Android app store and do not want to use unofficial methods to reach the caller.

Automatic updates should also be available through, and you can also follow them This is the official channel Inside Telegram where the latest version of the apk has been published.

Source: Android Police