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Telephone fraud.  Beware of fake SMS

Telephone fraud. Beware of fake SMS

A dangerous program called Flubot is now being deployed in the Czech Republic via SMS and MMS messages, targeting Android smartphone users. The Association of Mobile Network Operators noted this.

The incoming message gives the impression that a voice message is waiting for the owner of the phone in the mailbox. They should open the attached link to listen. This link will then offer to install fraudulent Application.

After installation, the program sends a large number of MMS or SMS messages from the phone. Today alone, operators in the Czech Republic have registered hundreds of thousands of such reports.

The Association of Mobile Network Operators recommends not clicking on similar messages and deleting messages immediately. “We recommend users to install apps exclusively from the official App Store and Google Play on their phones. Never from unknown sources. Often times these programs are similarly malicious,” says association president Jerry Grund.

Operators can block part of the malicious traffic. However, if dangerous SMS and MMS messages are sent by the infected phones themselves, then operators cannot interfere with such communication.

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