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Terrifying moments .. Watch a woman push another in front of the New York subway

Terrifying moments .. Watch a woman push another in front of the New York subway

Shocking footage showed a woman pushing another in front of a train, as it entered a famous metro station in New York, according to the American police.

Scenes taken by security cameras installed in the place showed a woman sitting opposite the train tracks, and then preparing and pushing another who was standing on the platform of the Times Square metro station towards the train as it entered, without knowing the reason behind this act.

According to the website of the “abc7” channel, the 42-year-old victim was taken to hospital in critical condition, after suffering injuries to the face and legs.

Meanwhile, a passenger said that it sounded like a plot, and continued, “This is scary…it can happen to anyone when you least expect it.”

Unprovoked and absurd attack

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s acting chief communications officer, Tim Minton, said the attack was “unprovoked, absurd and meaningless,” adding that the city needed to provide additional mental health services to help those who might be putting themselves and others at risk.

He stressed that “the quick identification and arrest of the suspect made the passengers safer.”

7 previous arrests

And later, the American police announced the arrest of the accused, in an area near the metro station, and said that she was a woman named Antonia Igbara (29 years old), and she had at least seven previous arrests, and the last three arrests were in the subway.

For his part, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stressed that the subway and Times Square are safe.