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Tesco Accelerates Services. Online purchase will be delivered on the day of order

The most important novelty introduced by Tesco is the delivery of the purchase on the day of the order. “It’s a new service, because in the past we offered it on day one at the earliest,” says Patrick Dujnovic, Tesco’s COO in the Czech Republic. He adds, the customer can choose whether they want the purchase to be delivered today, tomorrow, or within three weeks.

Purchases are prepared directly in stores. “Depending on the address, we will assign you a specific store,” explains the operations manager. As a result, some of the displayed items may also be partially different. “Prague’s stores may have a different assortment than, for example, in Ostrava,” he adds. Prices on the web and in the stone store do not differ.

Tesco currently has 16 stores that prepare merchandise for customers. However, delivery on the day of the order is currently only available in Prague. By the end of the year, the company plans to expand the service to other locations. “Christmas will be a test for us,” Dujnovic says.

The chain already offers express delivery within 30 minutes in cooperation with We serve food from Tesco Expres stores in Prague, express purchase via Bolt or Wolt service or we serve food from the Žabka chain of stores.

The picker plays an essential role

The so-called picker prepares the goods and buys them directly in the store. “We can prepare a purchase for up to six customers at once,” says Martina, who works in a shop in Zlin, Prague. According to her, each collector “pinches” more than 160 pieces per hour.

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“I think the picker has to be reliable and careful,” says colleague Ilichka, who has worked in the picking business for one year. He adds that he is careful, for example, when choosing fruits and vegetables, or buying meat. “We put the chicken in a different bag than the other foods in the fridge,” he explains during a “round” of shopping at the store.

The time it takes to fill one cart varies. “It takes us different times to choose one shopping cart, because it depends on the number of items a customer orders. Sometimes it can be twenty items, other times more,” he says.

According to Dujnovic, a customer orders an average of 70 items in a single purchase. “One shopping cart contains an average of 38.1 kg,” Dujnovic explains.

The epidemic changed shopping behavior

According to information from the retail chain, people used to shop from home and the number of orders increased by 100 percent between March of this year and last year. Customers are becoming more and more interested in a healthy lifestyle. “A lot of people are forced to cook at home. We have seen that the configuration of the shopping cart has changed,” says Patrick Dujnovic. According to him, consumers often buy fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meat or pastries. There is also an interest in organic food .

Online purchases currently represent 7 percent of all purchases. “When we started, it was well under one percent,” Dujnovic recalls. According to him, Tesco’s first step is to reach the 10 percent mark.

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Another recent novelty is the delivery of a bagless purchase as preparation for the initial selection. “We have received feedback from many customers that we have delivered the purchases in plastic bags. That is why we have changed the settings now. They are also delivered in paper bags, but this does not necessarily mean a more environmentally friendly option,” says Dujnovic.

According to him, Tesco is not planning any returnable bags in the coming days. Possibility of delivery in washable bags on the contrary It was recently included in the competing offer According to its spokesperson František Brož, Koší will soon introduce an innovation in this direction.