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Tesco cuts off sharply in St. Wenceslas. Provide them with selected foods

We note that customers are more likely to look for cheaper products, and interest in private labels is growing. Thus, the growing popularity of the product and the product, which accounts for 36 percent of total sales, CEO Katarna Navartilov said.

So Tesco launched Clubcard. Its members can benefit from favorable rates from customers. So the number of benefits of a loyalty program based on the point of collection and return in the form of cash vouchers extends to another advantage. According to the company, the goal is to help customers in times of high inflation.

According to Navrtilov, a customer will visit the store on average and spend 508 kroner. Although the purchase value is increasing, the number of items is decreasing, the supplier.

The main Clubcard program was introduced by Tesco in the Czech Republic in 2010. It currently has more than 1.2 million active users, using both the standard Clubcard and the app in their smart mobile devices.

In an effort, Pinet spoiled something new that would not only help them learn, but also offer a variety that they value in quality and popularity.

Clubcard rates will cover both food and non-food items. According to Navrtilov, with the prices set in this way, customers will get immediate benefit from their membership in the loyalty program.

Applicable items will be marked with the yellow and blue Clubcard rate.