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Tesla drivers faced an unpleasant surprise in Croatia, where there was a long queue to charge their cars

A very unpleasant surprise awaits owners of electric Tesla cars in Croatia. In one of the domestic superchargers, that is, fast chargers, a waiting list formed for hours.

A very unpleasant surprise awaits owners of electric Tesla cars on vacation in Croatia. A country that is still one of the most popular tourist destinations It does not have sufficient infrastructure to recharge vehicles, especially those that come directly from Tesla. A video clip on the TikTok social network shows desperate Tesla owners waiting in a long line to get a free charger.

Although many drivers can also use other brands of chargers, they often use “home” chargers the most, as they have fast and reliable charging. However, the large queue formed in front of one of the superchargers upset many owners of luxury electric cars.

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According to the Supercharger network map, there are currently only eight cities of this type of charger in Croatia. Maybe this is enough for normal operation, on holidays Tourists overcrowded But the chargers have not yet been dimensioned and there are not enough of them.

So drivers who travel in electric cars should always keep in mind that the chargers may be busy and therefore charge their car on time. Thanks to continuous charging, they can avoid similar queues. The ideal cost is of course direct at guesthouses or overnight hotels. However, few of them still have their own charger.