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Tesla has to buy back a car for a German customer.  Didn't keep promises of self-driving

Tesla has to buy back a car for a German customer. Didn’t keep promises of self-driving

But customers do not have to know anything of the kind, and a German who bought a Tesla Model 3 was so unhappy with the performance of these driving assistants that he took the matter to court, writes the website of the German newspaper Spiegel.

According to the newspaper, the customer paid 6,300 euros (154,000 kroner) for the driving assistant software package, called “full capabilities for self-driving”, but this was not compatible with the car’s technology. As a result, assistance systems such as automatic overtaking for slower vehicles on the highway did not work, and driving behavior at motorway entrances or exits is reminiscent of a “drunk novice driver” and the car does not register traffic lights and “Stop, give way” traffic lights on launch.

According to German configuration designer Tesla, the package, which now costs 7,500 euros (184,000 kroner), can recognize traffic lights and “stopwatches”. It includes a lane change assistant, automatic parking or the Smart Summon function, which allows you to connect to the car from the parking lot.

The District Court of Darmstadt ruled in favor of the customer and ordered Tesla to buy back his car. Plaintiff’s attorney Christoph Lindner, who runs Tesla, he says, says the ruling sets a precedent and sends a signal that Tesla “must also guarantee product characteristics that are confidently declared.”

Naturally, the automaker appealed, saying it was not aware of any irreparable defects in the technology. According to her, the systems operate according to the rules of assisted driving in Germany.

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