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Elon Musk spoke to competitors about electric mobility at a Volkswagen meeting

Tesla shares drop after a weekend poll by Musk

The richest man on the planet made Twitter users vote on the sale of ten percent of Tesla’s shares worth about $21 billion, or about 458 billion crowns. Less than 58 percent of Musk’s followers supported the “yes” option. The billionaire promised in advance that he would abide by the outcome of the vote.

With a potential share sale, Musk allegedly responded to criticism that he did not pay his fair share of taxes. The eccentric businessman explained that he did not get any wages and that the only way he could pay taxes was to sell the stock.

“There has been a lot of talk lately that unrealized gains are a way to avoid taxes, so I am proposing to sell ten percent of my Tesla stock. Would you support that?” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday, where he has more than 62.5 million followers.

server CNBC However, he remembers, it might just be a cover. Musk spoke about his intention to sell a large batch of Tesla shares in the fourth quarter of this year at a conference in Beverly Hills in September.

Entrepreneur too Long history of controversial behavior Some critics have even accused him in the past of spreading misinformation or manipulating the stock exchanges. Only this year, through his contradictory statements, helped the sharp growth and subsequent fall of the most watched cryptocurrency.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in securities were recently sold by current and former Tesla board members, including Musk’s younger brother Kimbal. This came immediately after the company announced record results for the third quarter, and the value of its shares rose sharply.

Mrs. Senator Ron Wyden, who is pushing for the new billionaire tax, has condemned Mukek’s plan to allow netizens to sell shares. “Whether the world’s richest man should pay taxes or not should not depend on the outcome of a Twitter poll,” Wyden said.

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According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk’s current assets are worth $338 billion. The Tesla boss is expected to pay more than $15 billion in taxes this year.

Who is Elon Musk?

Who is Elon Musk?