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Tesla will not give up its royal crown, the Model Y is supposed to be the best-selling car in the world

Tesla will not give up its royal crown, the Model Y is supposed to be the best-selling car in the world

To catch up and overtake – this is the goal of the worried Volkswagen with regard to the American electric car manufacturer Tesla. The European auto giant is still far behind in the production of electric cars (Last year, Tesla delivered 936,000 cars to customersWhile Volkswagen is concerned less than half, i.e. 453,000 cars), but the American competitor plans to close the lead early next year and in 2024 aspires to become the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world (at least those were the original largest estimates Former Head of Fears Herbert Dies, who left Volkswagen a few weeks ago). But the head of Tesla Elon Musk He has a different opinion on it…

Tesla does not give up

According to the brilliant, visionary and tireless worker, Tesla would not allow his crown to be taken from him in this way. At the traditional meeting with shareholders, he announced that at the end of 2022, Tesla should be at full power, allowing production of two million cars a year. At the same time, Tesla’s original goal for this year was to produce nearly 1.3 million vehicles, a significant jump from the two million vehicles mentioned.

3 million

Tesla recently exceeded that goal – ten years ago, it celebrated 3,000 manufactured cars, and now its engineers can raise themselves because they produced 3 million cars in total. This is a really cool job for an “unknown startup”!

Photo: Tesla

Exactly ten years ago, Model S production had just begun

But Elon Musk has strong cards in his hands – the original Gigafactory 1 (Nevada) and 2 (New York) are fully operational, the new factory in China (Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai) is again mass-producing the Model 3 and Y after Covid problems (In addition, another factory will be built nearby), Produced in Berlin (Gigafactory 4) is gaining momentum, and the line at the newly opened plant in Austin, Texas (Gigafactory 5) is gradually starting. By the following year, Tesla could enter in full force.

The Model Y is the best-selling car in the world?

At the same time, the Model Y, the smallest of the two crossovers produced by Tesla, should become the engine for sales. Elon Musk even predicts that it could become the best-selling car in the world! True, the Model 3 was already among the top 10 best-selling cars in the world last year – it was the ninth with 508,000 units sold, and this year, according to estimates, it can improve to seventh place, thus jumping on the Ford F-150.

Photo: Tesla

Tesla wants to produce 1 million Model Y units annually. Is it enough to rule the world of cars?

Riding on the wave of popularity for crossovers, the Model Y should be even more successful — analysts predict a jump from 19th place last year to 5th place (which means about 700,000 cars sold), but the road to the top is long. It is currently occupied by Toyota Corolla, which sold 1150,000 units last year. However, Musk estimates that Tesla could produce over 1 million Model Y units annually…so we might be in for a pretty tight race at the end of next year!

Whether or not Musk’s ambitious predictions come true, even if Tesla gets close to those numbers, it’ll be a great performance for the brand that was born two decades ago as the crazy dream of a few electric car enthusiasts who didn’t care. time. Today, the whole world knows Tesla, and instead of falling apart and falling into oblivion, it’s clear that the brand has a great future ahead of it.

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