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Tesla withdrew enough government support to drain its battery near Berlin

Tesla withdrew enough government support to drain its battery near Berlin

Tesla withdrew enough government subsidies to supply the car batteries, which it is building near Berlin, at Europe’s first electric car factory. The US automaker reported this and added that construction fullness had not changed. In January, the European Union agreed to a full agreement, which included providing support to Tesla, BMW and others. Brussels wanted to support the production of electric car batteries and help the bloc reduce imports from them, which is a leader in this sector.

Tesla was expected to earn 1.14 billion euros (29.2 billion kwacha) in EU money for its battery-based production in the town of Grenade in Brandenburg. Konin decided to fall by the end of the year. The US automaker hasn’t said it has withdrawn enough of its finances. According to an estimate by the German Economy Ministry, it itself is investing five billion euros in the battery.

A spokesperson for the Federal Trade Department said the construction of a plant to produce electric cars has seen significant progress in recent weeks. The construction of the Tesla battery construction began with an initial license and was approved by the regional government.

“Tesla has informed the Federal Department of Economy and the Department of Economy in Brandenburg (…) that it is withdrawing its adequate IPCEI support for the Grnheide battery plant,” he said. He referred to European subsidies for major projects of common European interest.

In November 2020, the electric car manufacturer applied for regional support from Brandenburg, according to the local government website. A letter from the Ministry of Economy in Brandenburg stated that this was not enough. stka, as Tesla gave, was not generic. According to the site, investments over 100 million euros usually get 6.8% of their value.

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The latest round of online consultations for the public, which could address environmental and other concerns about the downturn in car production and battery plants, ended last week. Tesla Elon Musk has stated that he hopes to officially start production by the end of the year.