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Na Základní škole Rovniny v Hlučíně na Opavsku byla obnovena výuka pro žáky prvního stupně (12. 4. 2021)

Testing in schools once a week: Prymula reported risks, after accurate PCR, schools reach marginally

Schools will retest pupils only once a week for antigen tests and once every 14 days for PCR testing. By the end of the school year, the state will provide schools with antigen tests, whose results are known immediately but are less accurate. Or schools can arrange PCR tests themselves, to which the state will contribute 200 kronor.

According to epidemiologist and advisor to President Roman Primula, such a change is a risk. “From an epidemiological standpoint, this is a bit risky, because the validity of the test is somewhere in the middle of the time. The antigen test should be done twice a week and PCR once a week.” Lightning reports to Prymul, he said. He added that with the newly selected test frequency, there would be an area where the results would not be up to date.

Most directors don’t want to switch to PCR testing, “Because the state will provide us with antigen tests and we know we have them by the end of the current school year,” said Michel Cerno, president of the Association of Primary School Principals. He added, however, that there were also managers who found such suppliers who, with their prices, would be in proportion to the 200 kroner subsidized by the state. Of course we know that PCR has its advantages, it is more accurate and it is evaluated by the laboratory, It is less of an effort for us, ”CERN concluded, noting that the lower frequencies for testing children welcome the schools.

Tests for schoolchildren and a new tender: The winning company will supply 5.6 million antigens from a Chinese factory

According to Prague 9 Mayor Tomáš Portlík (ODS), the state has not been able to estimate the benefits of a PCR test in time and is constantly repeating the same mistake by purchasing cheap Chinese antigen tests. “After that disaster with the bid for antigen tests, the state made the same mistake and bought it again.” Pliske told ReportsPortlik that the country is not suffering from the damage it causes.

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Younger gymnasts will be tested by PCR, Prague has purchased 9,000 tests.  The advisor says:

Schools in Prague 9 were tested by PCR using Feb 17. “If I have to rate the benefits of coming up with what we all doubt, that’s a positive.” Blesk told Portlík News if I had to rate it, if I’m satisfied now because we already know, not at all.For these children this is a problem, and for parents, this is a problem with mobility and education. Someone is betting too hard on education here, instead of pushing labs to cut PCR testing costs and set up testing methodology for schools. “ Calculated by Portlík. According to him, the total cost for breastfeeding parents is much higher than the test, which can be purchased for 350 crowns of a large size. Health Minister Petr Arenberger (for YES) wants a cut in test prices.

School staff test rules do not change. However, the Ministry continues to recommend that it continue to limit contacts between children of various groups wherever possible. It is still necessary to wear a veil and respirators inside. Exceptions are children in kindergarten or the mentally disabled.