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Thanks to Chat-GPT: a new mod in Skyrim that makes the world’s characters sentient!

It seems that artificial intelligence will not rest until it makes its mark on video games, as a mod has been released that makes the characters in the world in Skyrim consciously interact thanks to Chat-GPT, where you can talk to them in real time and ask them anything, and that character will respond to you as if it were a real person!

Not only that, as the mod makes the lips of the characters synchronize with the spoken words and letters, to give realism in the best possible way. This mod was released by a user called Art from the Machine Through his YouTube channel, in a clip showing the mod, its features, and what you can do with it.

The mod uses Speech to Text technology to read the player’s speech and convert it into phrases understood by the artificial intelligence, and Text to Speech technology to convert the answers of the artificial intelligence into audible speech made by the artificial intelligence as well. That of course in addition to lip-syncing.

According to the clip published by the owner of the mod, the mod makes the game characters aware of time and answers you if you ask them, and it also recognizes what you hold in your hand inside the game and can talk to you about it, and the most important thing is that you can ask the character about her past and history and she will begin to tell you a legendary tale about herself. ! And the more crazy things the AI ​​realizes behind Skyrim characters’ faces, the more they will feel truly sentient thanks to Chat-GPT.

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I do not tell you a secret, the mod does not perform its role as you expect, that is, it is not the scenario of artificial intelligence taking over the world and turning it against humanity, that interesting scenario that you wish for, but it appears that the mod is very primitive and that the pronunciation of some words is incorrect, in addition to the delay in the response of artificial intelligence significantly. But it is certainly a technology that is still in its infancy, and like any new technology, with some time it will become more realistic and crazy!