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The accuracy of the zero hour.. after its approach to the Earth, the world is waiting for the great incident and the deadly catastrophe, unfortunately, coming from space.. the killer planet is very close to colliding with the Earth

Astronomer Daniel Whitmire believes that Planet X, with its controversial orbit, may cause the annihilation of life on Earth. Planet X, or Planet X, remained a hypothetical planet for a long period of time, in the year 1985.

Scientist Daniel Whitmire called it Planet X and classified it as the tenth planet at the time, as some relaunched hypotheses about the end of life on Earth caused by the tenth planet. According to the theory of the American scientist, the Earth has always been subject to massive accidents once every 27 million years.

In 2016, specifically in January, astronomers reported new evidence of the existence of such previously unknown giant gas planets on the dark edge of the solar system. However, after withdrawing the classification of a planet from Pluto, some called Planet X the title of planet The ninth, according to a report published by Spiegel Online.

The astronomer spotted new evidence of the existence of this planet, and published a study in this regard in the “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” magazine, where the researcher re-presented his theory, and mentioned the reasons that led him to believe that this planet is a danger to life on earth. Planet Earth.

According to the theory, the path of Planet X causes comets, flying objects and asteroids to be pushed through the Kuiper belt, which is a region of the solar system consisting of frozen bodies and rocks and extends from the planet Neptune to a distance close to the sun, towards the sun and towards the Earth. The planet is also approaching its path towards Earth, which reinforces fears of a catastrophe.

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The world warns that these comets heading towards Earth are capable of affecting human life even if they are not directed directly at it, as they are able to block the sun’s rays from the Earth, due to their dense gases, which may cause mass extinction of life on Earth due to the different environmental conditions. According to the scientist Whitmire, geologists have researched the history of the disasters that befell the Earth more than 500 million years ago and until the present day.

According to the world’s calculations, the size of this unknown planet is one to five times greater than the size of the planet Earth, and it is about 100 times farther from the sun than the distance between the Earth and the sun, which is not consistent with the calculations of the ninth planet published by Konstantin Bagetin and Michael Brown, from the California Institute of Technology. .