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The active health clinic prepares another segment about Hanácký Večerník's healthy sleep

The active health clinic prepares another segment about Hanácký Večerník’s healthy sleep

12. 04. 2021 – 13:47

After the March pilot portion of the Ambulance Active Health Program (Ambulance AZ), which focused on fasting and its effects on health and fitness, a series of discussions by experts from the University of Olomouc Hospital will continue in the second part. Director of University Hospital Olomouc Prof. Moder. Roman Havelik, PhD. This time he will focus on the topic of healthy sleep with his guests. The show, which is set up for approximately three quarters of an hour and is being prepared in collaboration with Olomouc TV studio BEA campus, will be shown live on Wednesday, April 14th from 5 pm and then recorded on the website. Ambulance And at the same time on the YouTube channel and Facebook page of Olomouc University Hospital.

“Many people take uninterrupted sleep for granted until it is wasted. In any case, its quality is a big topic in the present, and sleep and rest are essential to our health and our active care for them,” confirms Roman Havelick.

This time his guests at the BEA studio will be the head of the Department of Pulmonary and Tuberculosis, Olomouc University Hospital, MUDr. Milan Suva, Ph.D., works as a senior physician of the clinic’s sleep laboratory and head of the Czech Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases, as well as a doctor of the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Olomouc and specializes in sleep quality. Jacob Fanek.

The aim of the Ambulance AZ project is to remind the audience of the topic of active health and a responsible approach to each of us in our physical and mental state. In the second part, invited experts will again answer questions that interested parties can ask online before the broadcast. Ambulance. Also at the same Internet address you will find many interesting links and tips for promoting active health as well as contacts for specialist counseling centers at the University of Olomouc Hospital. The other parts dedicated to, for example, movement or the human mind will be next this year. Recordings of the debate can be viewed not only as a video, but it is also available as a podcast on the streaming service. Spotify. To exchange experiences and perhaps consult some questions with experts, the University of Olomouc Hospital was also established Facebook group.

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