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The aerodynamics of the Skoda Fabia was controlled by a supercomputer.  The score at the top of the class

The aerodynamics of the Skoda Fabia was controlled by a supercomputer. The score at the top of the class

The air resistance coefficient of most vehicles gives the values ​​that cars show in what is called an air tunnel. The lower the number, the lower the air resistance and the higher the aerodynamics of the car. This mainly affects fuel consumption and top speed, and especially due to consumption, every automaker today strives to keep these figures as low as possible for new models.

The fourth generation of the recently introduced hatchback from Mladá Boleslav, the Škoda Fabia, reports its success in this field. The air resistance coefficient is 0.28, which is a significant decrease compared to 0.32 in the previous generation.

Skoda Fabia 4th generation

Photo: Škoda Auto

In addition, according to the automaker, this figure means that the Fabia is the most aerodynamic model in its class. For comparison, the absolute lowest air resistance coefficient of production cars is the Tesla Model S with a value of 0.208, and for small cars the best value is 0.19, which the GM EV1 and Volkswagen XL1 test cars have in common.

“Although the new Fabia is longer than its predecessor and has its front end increased by about 3%, we have lowered the air resistance coefficient by about 10%. This alone reduces the CO2 emissions of the WLTP cycle by about 3 g/km. Of the 3,000 aerodynamic tests, approximately 80% were performed using CFD simulations.” Vít Hubáček, who was responsible for the aerodynamics of Fabia during development.

According to Škoda, several departments, from designers to audio experts and developers using virtual reality, contributed to the result. The automaker Mladá Boleslav stated that it has significantly enhanced the capabilities of its employees and its professional capabilities in this sector, which has proven to be a major step. Previously, there were only three experts in aerodynamics in the entire Skoda. The same number of people are now working only on Fabia.

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Skoda Fabia 4th generation

Photo: Škoda Auto

An important element in this regard, among other things, is the new blinds in the radiator grille, which have the task of effectively reducing consumption. It is a pity that at a speed of 120 km / h it is 0.2 l / 100 km less on the highway. At maximum cooling, the blades open and air flows into the engine, but at high speeds they partially close.

It is also important where the air flows under the car. Whereas previously it was driven by only 3 body covers, the new Fabia has 12 covers, and a long rear spoiler helps improve aerodynamics and aerodynamics. In addition, up to 25% of the air resistance of cars is made up of wheels. Therefore Fabia has a new one with aerodynamic covers.

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