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The African Mathematics Union chooses Tunisian Ali El Baklouti as the best mathematician in Africa for 2022 |  Sciences

The African Mathematics Union chooses Tunisian Ali El Baklouti as the best mathematician in Africa for 2022 | Sciences

El-Baklouti is preparing to receive his award on August 1, in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville, coinciding with the International Forum organized by the African Mathematical Union once every 4 years.

His continuous scientific and research contributions in the field of mathematics for nearly a quarter of a century qualified him for the award for the best mathematician in Africa, Category A. It is the Tunisian scientist Professor Ali Al Baklouti that got a few days ago For this award, which is granted once every 4 years by the African Mathematical Union to experts in this science residing and working in the African continent, in recognition of their careers, publications and creativity in this field.

El-Baklouti, who is the first Tunisian in the history of the award, is preparing to receive the title on the first of next August in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville, coinciding with the international forum organized by it. African Mathematical Union.

Professor Al-Baqlouti, who currently holds the position of Vice President University of Sfax Tunisian, that his passion for mathematics accompanied him since his childhood and that he found good supervision since his university years at the Faculty of Science in Sfax Governorate, where he was the first in his class during his four years of study.

Professor Ali Al-Baklouti was able to deepen the research into hypotheses and solutions to enigmatic mathematical problems (Al-Jazeera)

Research hypotheses and solve problems

Professor Ali Al-Baklouti’s passion developed when the opportunity to study in France opened up for him, where he entered the research stage, which was directed by obtaining a doctorate in 1995.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net over the phone, Al-Baqlouti pointed out the importance of the experience he had in France, and the importance of the professors who contributed to his research work, considering that all of this encouraged him to continue and develop the gains upon his return to Tunisia.

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He was able to deepen the research into many hypotheses and try to find solutions to many enigmatic mathematical problems. Al-Baqlouti indicated that the research journey included the publication of dozens of articles, which numbered more than 80 articles in international refereed journals, in addition to several research books. He also contributed to framing dozens of students in PhD stage, and links with many research laboratories in the world.

Al-Baqlouti’s research journey included the publication of 80 scientific articles in international refereed journals (Al-Jazeera)

enticement in mathematics

Professor Ali El-Baklouti points out that research work must be paralleled by community activity, considering that Tunisia has many talents that need polishing, framing, and follow-up.

Hence the goal was to send Tunisian Mathematical Society Which he has headed for years, and whose work is based on highlighting the national product in mathematics on an international level, by issuing two publications, the first in the United States of America.Tunisian Journal of Mathematics(Tunisian Journal of Mathematics), the second in BritainAdvances in Pure & Applied Mathematics(Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics).

In addition, Professor Ali El-Baklouti is considered a permanent member of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts “House of Wisdom” since 2016. He is also a founding member of the Mediterranean Institute of Mathematical Sciences, where he has held the position of Deputy Director since 2012.

Professor Ali El-Baklouti sent the Tunisian Mathematical Society, which he has headed for years (Al-Jazeera)

Applied Mathematics and Research Mathematics .. What is the relationship?

Professor Ali El-Baklouti says that creativity in the field of mathematics is not a genetic issue, but rather a talent that needs polishing and care, considering that Tunisia includes many innovators in the field of mathematics.

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Al-Baklouti distinguishes between the fields of research mathematics and applied mathematics, while the first is concerned with studying abstract mathematical concepts and discussing the theory of arithmetic and quantities, the second focuses on mathematical methods used in real-life applications in engineering, science, economics, finance, statistics, media and others.

El Baklouti referred to the great role that applied mathematics plays in supporting the efforts and work of those working in the field of research mathematics, estimating that it is not possible to advance the research field without relying on the results of applied mathematics that are available as a specialty in most Tunisian universities, explaining that this university is rich in scientific cards that impose itself. On an Arab and international level, if some difficulties are surmounted and capabilities become available, referring to Tunisia’s progress on the level of international rankings in the Arab world and Africa.

El-Baklouti aspires to establish a research center for mathematics and physics in Tunisia (Al-Jazeera)

Mathematics and development

Al-Baklouti considers that mathematics is not just a scientific subject taught, but should contribute to development, not to mention that it contributes in developed countries such as France, the United States and Britain with a rate ranging between 8% to 12% in creating jobs, a percentage that he hopes to achieve in Tunisia.

In this context, Al-Baklouti calls for the need to increase the encouragement of mathematics and sharpen minds towards correct mathematical thinking, pointing to the importance of mathematics in building a person who thinks systematically and objectively on sound mathematical foundations, stressing the need to establish a research center for mathematics and physics in Tunisia, given the importance of this Science and its applications in revitalizing the economy and providing fruitful mechanisms for several other disciplines.

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