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The alarm clock may cause you serious diseases.. Warnings against the wrong handling of the “snooze”

Written by Menna Allah Yahya

Monday, 06 March 2023 11:03 AM

“Who among us does not use the alarm clock to wake up in the morning?” Most of us do this almost on a daily basis, and we all often do not wake up the first time we hear the alarm ring. The very short period can make a difference in our feeling of sufficiency in sleep, and it will make us feel some extra energy that helps to wake up and start a new day.

Recently, an Italian medical report warned of the danger of this “snooze”, and explained that researchers at the American University of “Notre Dame” in Indiana stressed that this step represents a serious danger to the health of those who do it permanently, as these extra minutes can actually do more harm than good. According to the Italian magazine “Focus”.

The report indicated that postponing the wake-up time by “snoozing” is not a healthy practice at all for human health, just as this habit can increase fatigue and make you feel drowsy, and also breaking the sleep routine causes confusion to your mind, and causes an imbalance in your body’s biological clock, pointing out that postponing Sleeping for a few minutes in a row exposes the body to a feeling of shock, and the report added that the researchers reached these results after conducting several interviews with 450 adults, who work in full-time jobs, to check their sleep duration and heart rate.

Alarm damage

The data collected by the study showed that those who used the alarm snooze suffered from sleep disturbances to a greater extent than those who woke up normally the first time they heard the alarm, so you have to set the alarm for the time that you need and that you should wake up with. By getting up at the same time naturally without using any kind of alarm device, they were able to sleep longer and consume less caffeine during the daytime hours.

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Studies have shown that a nap causes a feeling of permanent fatigue and exhaustion, and also gives its owner a feeling of wanting to relax throughout the day, due to the interruption of the natural cycles of sleep. , which can go on all day, harming our cognitive abilities and making us feel chronically tired, so if you want to maintain your health, you must commit to getting up immediately at the first sound of the alarm.