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The Algerian journalist says that saying that we will not accept any foreigners is not only inhumane, but also stupid.

The Algerian journalist says that saying that we will not accept any foreigners is not only inhumane, but also stupid.

Pavla Jazirova

Pavla Jazairiová calmly admits that she will be 77 years old and suffer from illnesses, so the traveler is retired. However, she would like to go somewhere in the world again.

“But I have to start writing differently. How, I don’t know exactly yet. I have to write about our country and the countryside where I live. When I come to Prague, I see how much different everything is,” he thinks.

I worry about things other than the people in Prague.

Pavla Jazirova

“It’s a completely different spirit, a different mindset. Unfortunately, it’s clear to me that those who were born in the countryside but no longer live there are no longer so immersed in the air, which makes me suck so much. I worry very much about things other than the people in Prague. “.

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She reveals that she is now bothered by things about the landscape, soil, forests, animals, the way food is grown today, or the way people treat each other.

“Maybe it is now very difficult for me to manage my garden and I can’t find anyone to help me with the basic things. Because we don’t take any migrants here – so there are no people who want to work, they want to earn something.”

shelters? why not?

Consequently, journalists and travelers find meaningless talk about refugees getting jobs from “our people”.

“This seems complete nonsense to me, considering that people have always moved. They have always gone from poor places to richer places. I grew up in France and I remember a time when those who suffered there employed Spanish maids, Italian housekeepers, etc. That is, those who came to a country where there is more work and better wages. That is what we have in Europe now.”

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To say that we will not take any aliens, not children, is not only inhuman, but also stupid.

Pavla Jazirova

“I am convinced that it is impossible to open Europe to Islamic fundamentalism,” he added, adding that every immigrant who would come to the Czech Republic would need careful scrutiny.

“But to say we will not take any aliens, not children, is not only inhumane, it is also stupid.”

Israel has always benefited from foreigners

“I will say one more thing: Why is Israel a prosperous country? Because it experienced the so-called foreigners, it means immigration flows. And because Israel needed people and wanted them to be Jews. Whenever these people came – and they didn’t have anything, especially from Africa, Ethiopia and Arab countries – They were able to save them at first.”

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They also lived modestly, but very quickly got into the work process. And when people need to live, they stop building and suddenly the economy picks up and the economy turns. Each brought new wealth and new development to Israel. Perhaps people do not understand it here, ”the journalist believes.

And when Pavla Gaziryova continued her thoughts, she said that every intelligent person in the world can bring something important to our corners, but also to any corner of the earth.

“When we look at Brexit in the UK, they have turned away a lot of people – and we already know they have empty shops, no petrol, no truck drivers etc. Just imagine if all the foreigners from the hospitals left them – doctors, nurses, etc. – What are they going to do there?

They are already in trouble, and this is the strong country of Britain. But it is still an island. Now they say they’ve always been great and will come back again, but the world is interconnected and things really work differently.”

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