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"البحرية الجزائرية تطارد غواصة إسرائيلية".. ماذا حدث؟

“The Algerian Navy is chasing an Israeli submarine” .. What happened?

10:54 PM

Friday 01 October 2021

Books – Mohamed Ataya:
Recently, reports have spread widely about Algeria’s pursuit of an Israeli submarine during an exercise by the Algerian army called “Deterrence 2021”, which took place on September 29-30.
Mena Defense, a defense analytics website, has verified reports on social media.
And he revealed, through his sources, that two days before the Algerian army conducted the “Deterrence 2021” exercise, which took place in the presence of the Army Chief of Staff, an Israeli “Dolphin” submarine was monitored by “passive detection”, tracked and forced to rise to the surface in international waters and leave Region.

Siege in the water

Mina Defense explained that during the days of the Algerian military exercises, there were no incidents in the area, but the Israeli submarine was discovered on September 27, trying to spy on the Algerian forces preparing for the exercise.

She explained that the Algerian forces revealed the Israeli “Dolphin” submarine, using the sound systems of the Algerian “Kilo” submarine.
The Algerian command took a decision to pursue the Israeli submarine without using sonar to avoid counter detection from the Dolphin submarine.
The Hovercraft Qal’at Bani Abbas played a central role in the operation by deploying two Super Lynx anti-submarine helicopters.
The two planes with optical and magnetic anomaly detectors continued the chase while two Algerian submarines pushed the Israeli submarine north.

“Mina Defense” revealed that the Israeli submarine “Dolphin” found itself trapped in the territorial waters, which made its commander prefer to appear on the surface of the waters, in reference to their abandoning the mission of espionage and moving away from the Algerian coast.

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“Mina Defense” stated that the Israeli submarine’s objectives were to collect intelligence and technical information, especially since it was expected that at least one Algerian submarine would launch one or more Kalibr missiles.
He explained that the Algerian exercise was complex and included many warships, which is also an opportunity to make electronic intelligence information and collect data about the Algerian Navy’s transmissions and their encryption.