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The Alliance for the Future presents its program to the House of Representatives

19.05.2021 15:09:00

The Alliance for the Future presents its program to the House of Representatives

The Alliance for the Future presents its program that focuses on right-wing politics.

“While only the public sector consumes, the private sector has to make money. We believe that effective support is only for our own-account companies, small, medium and large companies, but especially Czech companies is a way to get our country out of the crisis,” says Pavel Sinal, Chairman of the Council APB management and successful businessman.

The Future Alliance was formed in mid-March of this year, when several non-parliamentary parties from across the political spectrum agreed to work together. Some polls currently attribute, two months into the process, support to around 1.5% of voters and a slightly higher voting potential, which does not yet include other coalition members. The goal of the Alliance for the Future is to obtain 5% of the vote and at least eight seats in the lower house elections of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

“Our Alliance for the Future currently brings together personalities from six political entities – the supporters, who in the last few elections have received anywhere from half to one percent support. Thus, purely mathematically, 5% is very real. We chose the supporters of the coalition not to Their constituents overlap and, on the contrary, complement each other. Consequently, the future coalition’s candidate will include figures from the leadership of political parties with extensive human and practical experience in business, agriculture, sports, health care, and municipal leadership, in addition to those calling for state security and patriotism. For election purposes, but it is a well-thought-out political project, ”Pavel Sinal adds.

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“Each of our decisions carries with it responsibility, but also freedom and determines where our life path will go. It is often easier to allow others to make decisions for themselves with comfort in taking responsibility, but the more we give up responsibility for our decisions, the more we allow others to control our lives.” Let us not continue that the state today determines the quality of health care, the distribution of pensions, and the education of our children. It is necessary to limit the increasing influence of the state, not the freedom of the individual, ”adds Michaela Rojtova of the conservative right-wing party – Wissam al-Ummah.

“The clear goal in the field of health care is prevention, which comes at the end of our concerns and does not receive enough attention, whether it is prevention of cancer, diabetes or other diseases of civilization. We would also like to promote a form of benefits for the insured persons who take care of their health,” he displays MUDr Medical Program Score. Clara Bohankova, vice president of the Sports Health and Prosperity Movement, is responsible for this resort.

He sees the Coalition for the Future of Education as a big topic, especially in the post-Covid period. In the event that we join the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, we will actively involve employers in practical training. We will support the further development of special education, which will be able to create competition in education. In terms of sports, the APB wants to focus on changing support for the movement of children and adults. “The C-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of residents’ fitness and resilience. Therefore, we will support all activities that lead to increased resilience and fitness of the population. ”Zden capablek Kubec, President of Zdraví Sport Prosperita and former actor and coach, says,“ A healthy nation will only be the nation. Able and resilient.

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In the Alliance for the Future, the Agricultural Democratic Party takes responsibility for agriculture, environment and energy. “We are the only party in the broad political spectrum that actively supports Czech farmers and we know their problems. I have been doing business in agriculture myself for several years and I know that agriculture is on the cusp of the bottom line in political party programs. At the same time, what we consume and how we deal with soil is A very crucial element for our health and the development of our country, especially today, as stated by Pavel Oramik, former deputy and CEO of General Mills International for Eastern Europe in Agriculture.

The absolute priority of the coalition is tax changes, which should be made in favor of better management of the Czech Republic. For example, APB wants to promote a participatory tax system in the House of Representatives, where the taxpayer can decide for himself about 5% of the tax rate, and what their money will be used for.

On its program, the Coalition for the Future is also actively involved in protecting the animals responsible for the Green Democratic Party – for animal rights. It is also the only party actively raising this issue and promoting it as its priority. “Our clear goal is to be the voice of those who cannot be heard. We are clearly calling for improved animal welfare, increased control over animal behavior, better enforcement of the law, and punishment of bad breeders,” stresses Jerry Anderle, President of DSZ – Animal Rights.

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“It is clear that the right-wing alternative is missing in the Czech political scene. Even the one democratic state, which declares itself to be a right-wing party, has no interest in curbing the state’s influence. On the contrary, it continues to benefit from the state’s great powers, and this is not something. Forgiven me as a right-wing voter: Thanks to the Coalition for the Future project, the votes of right-wing voters will not end in the basket.