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The American “storm of the century”… What is the explanation for its destructive power?

  • yielded The big storm Accompanied by heavy snow, strong winds, and sub-zero temperatures in 48 states, power outages occurred in thousands of homes, and air traffic and land roads were paralyzed in many countries. US states .
  • Corpses froze in cars buried in ice, and houses turned into ice blocks, to the extent that the scene seemed as if life froze for a moment, and snow covered everything.
  • The massive amount of damage left by the storm, which is the most severe in the current century, raised major questions about the reasons behind all this destructive force, and about the secret behind the extreme patterns of natural phenomena such as rain, snow, wind and dust storms, and is it only related to the exacerbation of the global climate change crisis? Or are there other factors?

What do the experts say?

Climate expert and member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Ayman Haitham Qaddouri, answers in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”:

  • This is the harshest winter wave that has passed America in about a third of a century, and although there are similarities to this storm, it is the most violent in its intensity, destructive power, and the damage it left compared to its predecessors.

The sun or climate change?

There is no doubt that the violent winter reversal in the north and central west of the world is one of the effects of the climate change phenomenon and the acceleration of its stages in the last ten years.

But the reality is that climate change comes second and complementary to the main cause of severe weather extremes and low temperatures, and the galactic nucleus (the sun) has the most prominent role here.

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How do?

  • According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2020 is the year that marks the beginning of the solar cycle No. 25, and the average age of the solar cycle is 11 years, as the numbers of sunspots were fewer compared to their numbers at the start of the solar cycle No. 24 in 2008 , which in turn is considered the fourth least intense cycle since the start of systematic recording, starting with the first solar cycle in 1755, which means the beginning of the phase of declining solar magnetic activity.
  • The solar magnetic field works similarly to the Earth’s magnetic field (including the ozone layer), which protects the planet from harmful solar particle radiation, and the solar magnetic field protects the solar system from galactic particle radiation, which is much more violent than its solar counterpart, thus the decrease in the activity of the solar magnetic field means The weakness of the shield of the galaxy, which leads to the leakage of galactic radiation to the surfaces of the planets of the solar system, including the Earth, causing damage and climate disasters.

The role of gaseous emissions

  • The terrestrial emissions gases (negative umbrella) that cause global warming, and the main driver of the extreme stages of climate change, are a catalyst for such climatic and natural disasters. The radiations enter the Earth’s atmosphere in abundance to form abundant condensation nuclei, which results in an increase in the rate of vapor condensation, causing an abnormal increase in cloud density.
  • An increase in the rate of clouds in the earth’s atmosphere leads to an increase in the rate of blocking solar radiation, which results in a decrease in temperature, and thus the Earth today witnesses wide climatic extremes between the summer and winter solstices, and altitudes with uneven and unstable depressions.
  • What is happening does not necessarily mean the birth of a mini-ice age, as some researchers believe, especially since the earth recorded during the past summer very hot and unprecedented waves, which will be repeated next summer to restore the balance of warmth, and thermal extreme scenarios may be repeated again due to the continued failure to address the causative effects. to climate change.
  • Thus, rebuilding and restoring the atmosphere by addressing the effects of climate change and strengthening the earth’s shield, is sufficient to reduce the emergency effects that are beyond human control, especially those that follow cyclical and natural changes to some extent in the solar system.
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