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The Apple Music and Apple TV apps are finally available on Windows 11

The Apple Music and TV apps for Windows have finally arrived. With preview builds found on Windows 11 devices in the Microsoft Store.

The Apple Music and Apple TV apps have finally made their way to the Microsoft Store, three months after Microsoft first announced their arrival. The Apple Music and Apple TV apps for Windows, as well as a third app for Apple devices for Windows 11, are now available for download as preview builds.

Apple Music and Apple TV will be available on Windows 11 to replace iTunes

Image source: Appleinsider

When Apple split platform functionality among four apps in macOS Catalina in 2019, it had already finished its iTunes music player for macOS. However, until now, iTunes was the only option for Windows users who had large local media libraries, needed to backup their iDevices, or wanted to subscribe to Apple Music. It has received modest changes to retain compatibility with Apple Music. Finally, Apple users will be able to switch to Apple Music.

The Apple Music and Apple TV apps provide access to Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription services as well as manage iTunes music and video functions, just as you do in macOS. The TV app is identical to the one on macOS. But instead of tabs at the top, you can access the different parts through a menu on the side.

According to Apple, the apps are only in “Preview” build for now. So not all functions will work as planned.

On the other hand, you’ll use the Apple Devices app to make local device backups, perform emergency software updates, sync local media, and all the other actions you can perform with an iOS device connected to your computer.

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Please note that Windows 11 build 22621 or later is required for the three new Apple apps. If you want to download any of these apps, Apple warns that doing so will prevent iTunes from opening for Windows, requiring you to use the new apps instead.