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The Arab Cultural Forum, founded by literary writers al-Zafar and al-Qaisi, was started in Britain.

Amman – Omar Abu Al Haija

In early 2022 this year, the “Arab Cultural Forum in the United Kingdom” was officially launched, a British NGO and non-profit cultural organization, recently founded by two authors: Dr. Iraq. Amir al-Zafar and Jordanian narrator and novelist Yahya al-Qaisi.

It is hoped that the forum’s activities will include literary, artistic and creative fields of thought, media and translation, within high standards of quality of events, and the extent of their positive impact on the Arab and British cultural arena. , And even cinematic or theatrical performances, according to available preferences.

This forum is distinguished by the fact that it was established on a purely voluntary cultural basis, away from the bitter diseases of the Arab arena such as regionalism, sectarianism, paralysis and partisanship. Contributed to the fragmentation and fragmentation of the Arab cultural scene, thus lacking its appreciation by international cultural organizations.

That is why the organizers of this forum believe that it will be the voice of Arab culture in the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while at the same time being expected to provide an opportunity. Introduce the writers of this important part of the world and its artists and connect them with the Arab world. In the evenings, translations, publications and more.

This forum is not coming out of nowhere, but rather a continuation of the effort of the Arab Cultural Forum, which is Dr. Al-Zafar has been in Wales for many years, but it has now become an officially registered private company in the UK, and is working professionally to gather the expertise of writers al-Zafar and al-Qaisi to reach the largest segment. Followers and those interested in cultural work in the Arab world and around the world.

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The forum will recognize pro-members of the group of Arab and foreign writers and intellectuals, and establish useful partnerships with many Arab and international organizations to enrich and deepen cultural work, and the forum’s website will be launched soon.

Author Dr. Amar al-Zafar, chairman of the forum, is a story and essayist and editor-in-chief of the cultural platform Akalam, and he serves as a well-known consultant physician. He holds a PhD in Medicine / from the University of Wales. / Cardiff / Wales 1993, Royal College of Physicians Fellowship in London 2012, and MBBS / Medical College / University of Baghdad 1981. In the field of literary creativity, it was published: Oaklam’s story collections “Masquerade Party” Publishing House at Whales 2012 / 2012 “Dragon Dance”, Oaklam Publishing House / Wales ‘”The Drum Knocker” 2013 Oaklam Publishing House / Wales’ “Shukl Al-Rao” 2016.

In the field of creativity and research: “The genius of surgery in Iraq – Professor Dr. Biography of Zuhair Al-Bahrani ”From Oaklam Publishing House / Wales 2019 Characters in My Life – Oaklam Publishing House, Stroke..Diagnosis and Treatment – Oaklam Publishing House / London 2019, Medical Discoveries Changed The Trend of History 2017 by Darling Aklam. He has published hundreds of medical and literary articles on Arab cultural sites, and has lectured extensively on culture and science. Cardiff treats many Arab writers into cultural activities.

According to Jordanian writer Yahya al-Kaisi, who is the forum’s secretary general, he is a novelist and researcher. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Philadelphia and a Masters in Translation from the University of Jordan. He was the Managing Editor of several journals in the Jordanian Ministry of Culture from 1996-2006, Director of Research and Publishing, Director of Cultural Exchange, and a member of various committees such as Planning, Publishing and others. He worked as a reporter and editor for the Tunisian, Gulf and Jordanian newspapers from 1990 to 2009. Jordan has written and produced about 25 documentaries for television, and has completed hundreds of press interviews with several prominent Arab writers and writers.

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Al-Qaeda has served as Director of Cultural Affairs at the Fujairah Culture and Media Commission and as Deputy Director-General from 2013-2016 and has overseen many specialized media conferences, international art festivals, forums and exhibitions.

Novels published in the field: Deep Lives, Lines and Shadows Publishing House – Jordan 2020, After Life by Step – The Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing – Beirut 2017, Forbidden Paradise – The Arab Foundation for Fights Forward – 201 Studies and Publishing – Beirut 2010, Bab Al-Hera – Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing – Beirut 2006, and in the Short Story Field: Broken Desires – Thar Al-Nisr Publication and Distribution – Amman – 1996, Accessing the Time of Water – Tiberius Publishing and Distribution House – Irbit – 1990, and in the field of culture and research: Al-Fath Al-Makki’s Ibn Arabic – Onyx Publishing Corporation – UK 2019, Writing Fever – Dialogue Thought and Creativity – Greater Amman Municipality’s Cultural World of Translation 2004 And Correction – Fujairah Culture and Media Commission 2012.

You can contact the British Council administration at the following email:

[email protected]

The logo of the forum was designed by friend artist Ibrahim Abu Duk