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The Arab League: The crisis of Qardahi’s statements should have been dealt with by the Lebanese, and we trust the ability of Lebanon’s leadership to end it

NS. NS. Hussein Al Mulla

The League of Arab States expressed its concern over the rapid deterioration of relations between Lebanon and the Gulf states, expressing confidence in the ability of Lebanon’s leadership to take the necessary steps to put an end to the crisis.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, expressed in a statement issued today, Saturday, his “deep concern and regret at the rapid deterioration in the Lebanese-Gulf relations, especially at a time when the relentless efforts to restore a measure of positivity in those relations helped Lebanon to overcome the challenges it is facing.”

An official source in the General Secretariat of the League stated, according to the statement, that the crisis caused by the resounding and controversial statements that came previously on the lips of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, about the Yemeni conflict and the subsequent events and positions, “should have been addressed to the Lebanese in a way that defuses it and does not fuel its fire.” As it happened, it led to a major setback in Lebanon’s relations with its Arab environment in general and the Gulf region in particular.

The source pointed out that Aboul Gheit has confidence in the wisdom and ability of “the presidents of the republic and the government in Lebanon, Michel Aoun, Najib Mikati, to “seek quickly to take the necessary steps that can put an end to the deterioration of those relations and contribute to calming the atmosphere in particular with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Rab”. The rift caused by the positions of parties that wish and have an interest in dismantling the naked brotherhood that binds Lebanon and its Arab people to its brothers in the Gulf and Arab countries.

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The League’s Secretary General appealed to officials in the Gulf states to “manage the measures proposed to be taken in the midst of that situation in order to avoid more negative effects on the collapsing Lebanese economy and the citizen who is living in extremely difficult conditions.”

This statement comes against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain’s decision to expel Lebanon’s ambassadors in light of the continued deterioration of relations between the two parties due to statements made by Qardahi, before he assumed the ministerial portfolio, as Saudi Arabia and the UAE “aggressively attack the Yemeni people” and that the Houthis “are practicing self-defense.” .

Source: RT