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The Arab National Orchestra intensifies its preparations for the two metaphor concerts

* Reham Abdel Hakim and Muhannad Mashallah live the first concert and Abeer Nehme and Mari Sarhan in the second evening

* Tariq Saeed Allay: A distinguished role for Al-Majaz Theater in confirming the presence of the Arab musical heritage

The National Arab Orchestra, coming from the US state of Michigan, is intensifying its training, in preparation for its two concerts, organized by Al Majaz Theater, on January 20 and 21, in two tarab evenings that restore the heritage of Arabic music, with the distinctive voices of young stars presenting authentic music in the spirit of modernity.

The two concerts come within the “Hala in Majaz” season, and are presented by artists who are famous for their tarabic voices, and 40 Arab and American musicians from different cultures, led by the creative artist Michael Ibrahim, founder and leader of the orchestra, who is famous for his unique presence on the stage, through his dynamic interaction with musical rhythms. .

The preparations of the prestigious troupe are accompanied by the preparations at Al Majaz Theater to host the distinguished musical event, which comes in the context of one of the exclusive cooperations, which the Sharjah Government Media Office dedicates, to enhance the presence of the Arab musical heritage on the agenda of theatre’s activities, which are characterized by cultural, civilizational and musical blending, which makes art a language. Universal to communicate with different peoples.

In the context, the audience of “Hala in Majaz” will be on a date on Friday, January 20, with the first concert, “The National Arab Orchestra”, and it will bring together the singer Reham Abdel Hakim and the artist Muhannad Meshleh, who will present a bouquet of the most beautiful treasures of the beautiful time, as the theater announced. The metaphor is the artist Mai Farouk’s apology for participation and attendance, due to emergency circumstances, which was scheduled to participate in the first night of the “National Arab Orchestra” nights.

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Reham Abdel Hakim is considered one of the most beautiful voices in Egypt, and she was known for her brilliance in performing the songs of Kawkab Al Sharq, Umm Kulthum. She also previously recorded a distinguished presence in the Egyptian Opera House, and won the Golden Microphone Award from the Arab Broadcasting Union twice in a row, while the artist Muhannad Mashallah was famous for his voice. Al-Tarabi and his distinguished performance of the works of art giants from Syria and Lebanon, as well as singing folklore from the Arab musical heritage with a modern musical vision.

The “Orchestra” will present its second concert on Saturday, January 21, accompanied by the artist Abeer Nema and the star Marai Sarhan, in an evening with the melodies of Al-Rahbanah and the heritage of the Levant. In it, the audience of “Hala Bi-Majaz” navigates the world of melody with the musical researcher and artist Abeer Nehme, as well as spending unique moments in the world of music with the Lebanese artist Marai Sarhan, in his distinctive performance style.

cultural project

Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of the Sharjah Government Information Office, said: “The role played by Al Majaz Theater is at the core of the cultural project adopted by Sharjah, as an incubator for culture and arts, and an Arab capital of creativity. It is gratifying that this role clearly contributes to supporting the sector.” art in the Arab world in general.

He stressed the importance of the role played by Al-Majaz Theater within its plans to preserve the presence of authentic Arab art, pointing to the importance of cooperation with the “Arab National Orchestra” in this field, especially with its cultural diversity and ability to transfer the Arab musical heritage to the Arab world. other cultural environments.

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It is noteworthy that the “Arab National Orchestra” has sought, since its establishment in 2010, to spread Arab musical culture, and to introduce the American and international community to authentic Arab art.