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The Arabic Language Academy conferees recommend increasing Arabic content in the digital space and expanding translation work

The Arabic Language Academy conferees recommend increasing Arabic content in the digital space and expanding translation work

Nidal Burgan
The activities of the fortieth cultural season of the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy, which was titled “Arabic Language and Civilizational Communication”, which was held last Thursday, concluded on the compound’s campus, and concluded with a set of recommendations, most notably:
Developing a specific program in which it is compatible with the Arabic language academies, and in which the Ministry of Culture, Education and Higher Education participates; To increase digital content in Arabic on the web to 3% over the next five years.
Inviting writers, authors, and artists to compose, write, and express artistically about cultural landmarks in every Arab country, and allocate a special budget for that.
Expanding translation work from and into Arabic in everything related to manufacturing, tourism, science and technology.
Develop numerical standards or indicators to identify the status of the Arabic language in society at the different levels of study.
Paying attention to centers that teach Arabic to non-native speakers in terms of programs and books.
The complex agrees with media organizations to adhere to the correct Arabic language, and with commodity exporters to provide any advice related to the materials written on those commodities.
Placing compatible scientific terms, abbreviations and symbols on search engines on the web.
Preparing an annual Arab periodic report on the state of Arabic, in one of the following areas of monitoring and analysis: legislation, school and university education, basic research and studies, traditional and digital media, and others. Provided that the joint Arab report is the result of national sub-reports.
Take administrative and legislative measures to limit the responsibility for the programs of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers to one entity, which is capable of addressing imbalances, deficiencies and chaos, and to employ diverse expertise in these programs.
Work to establish research units in the faculties of arts that deal with oriental studies, and promote their translation.
The need to pay attention to the Greek texts written before Islam and in the early Islamic period, especially the papyri.
Paying attention to the languages ​​of the Islamic world, especially Persian, through the establishment of university academic programs concerned with teaching its literature and culture, and translating from and into it.
Formation of a committee of language academies in the Arab world, to communicate with Iranian libraries, and to provide the committee with digital copies of Arabic manuscripts of importance to the Arab, Islamic and human heritage; to achieve it and prepare it for publication.
The conference itself included two sessions, the first chaired by Prof. Dr. Ali Mohafza, and included a presentation of three papers: the first entitled “The Hopeful Role of the Arabic Language in Promoting Positive Communication between Civilizations,” presented by a member of the Academy, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Badran, and the second entitled “The Role of the Arabic Language in Publishing The Arab-Islamic Civilization in the Contemporary World”, presented by a member of the Academy, Prof. Dr. Fathi Malkawi, and the third is entitled “Translation Creativity, Germanization of Arabic Texts in German Poetry in the Nineteenth Century”, presented by Prof. Dr. Ziyad Al-Zoubi, Professor of Literary Criticism at Yarmouk University.
The second session, which was chaired by a member of the Academy, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asfour, included a presentation of three papers: the first was presented by Prof. Dr. Musa Rababa’a from Yarmouk University, entitled “Efforts of the Contemporary German Orientalist “Thomas Bauer” in Spreading the Arab-Islamic Civilization.” The second was presented by Prof. Dr. Omar Al-Ghoul, Director of the Library. Al-Hussein bin Talal at Yarmouk University, entitled “The Role of the Arabic Language in Transmitting Greek Thought: The Papyri as a Model.” The third was presented by Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Jaradat, Professor of Persian Language at Al al-Bayt University, under the title “The Role of the Arabic Language in Spreading Islamic Civilization in Asia: Iran as a Model.”The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

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