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"The architect of the crisis" .. How did Klopp become an obstacle to renewing Salah's contract?

“The architect of the crisis” .. How did Klopp become an obstacle to renewing Salah’s contract?

Strange statements came out of the German coach yourgen clubOn the eve of the team’s match against Brighton in the English Premier League, it seemed ambiguous at first, before its roots became clear.

During the press conference, on Friday evening, Klopp stated about the renewal of Salah’s contract, saying: “The club officials did their best in talks to renew the contract. Mo SalahNo, we can’t do more.. that’s how it is“.

He added, “I don’t think it’s about talks, as much as it’s about a decision Salah To a large extent, I think the club did what it could do.”

Klopp’s statements made it clear that he stood by the club in his negotiations with Salah, stressing that the matter is in the hands of Salah, to submit to the terms of the new contract, with the salary set by the administration .. or to leave.

Klopp’s comments that put Salah “in trouble”, the Egyptian star’s agent, Rami Abbas, responded with “laughing” expressions, as if he was mocking what Klopp said about “the club did everything it could.”

It is reported that Salah and his Colombian business manager Ramy AbbasThey have been engaged in complicated negotiations with Liverpool since the beginning of the season, to renew his contract, which expires in the summer of 2023.

Klopp Negotiation Engineer

Going back a little, we may discover that Klopp is not isolated, like most coaches, from the negotiations of the stars and management, but may be the “engineer of negotiations” himself.

In August 2021, Klopp reported to Liverpool Online: “I am involved in almost everything at the club. Perhaps some negotiations happen without me, but in general I know everything that is going on in this matter.“.

Then he confirmed in his speech, “When we reach a decision regarding Salah’s contract, we will announce it.”

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And he returned in December 2021, to confirm his main role in the negotiations with the Egyptian star: “A new contract with Salah Liverpool?. I am not concerned about the pace of the talks. We’re having really good negotiations with him.”

No to super star

The great German coach is known for his reluctance to work with international stars, as he signed with the current Liverpool stars from clubs far from the “big European” circle.

Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane came from Southampton, Roberto Firmino came from Hoffenheim, Fabinho came from Monaco, Andy Robertson came from Hull City, Joel Matip came from Schalke 04, and even Salah came from Rome, the ancient but distant on European competition recently.

Klopp developed the performance of all these, and many others significantly, and raised their level to reach the world, but his policy, even with his former club, Borussia Dortmund, was always based on the principle of “the system is always above the superstar”.

This policy may be his first motive for refusing to grant Salah the contract that he “dreams”, because it will simply put the “Egyptian pharaoh” in a different position from the rest of his colleagues, in material terms, which may break the “salary pyramid” in Liverpool, and may leave internal problems, As described by journalist Fabrizio Romano.

strange situation

Klopp has always interfered in the negotiations to renew contracts for his players in Liverpool, and was the decisive factor in renewing the contracts of his stars Jordan Henderson, Alisson Becker, Fabinho and Trent Alexander-Arnold last summer, but he is using a different approach now with Salah.

In October 2021, he made a legend Liverpool Jamie Carragher was “surprised” by the German coach’s reluctance yourgen clubabout helping Salah in his negotiations with the club.

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And Carragher told The Telegraph: “Earlier, Klopp pledged that the captain’s deal Jordan Henderson It will take place, after the negotiations are held, and this was actually done, but he said that he “won’t participate” in the Salah negotiations.

The former England defender added: “This seems strange. If there is a compelling reason why the issue of Salah’s contract has not been resolved in the same way, it must be clarified immediately.”

And Liverpool worked to renew the contracts of most of its main stars in the summer of 2021, such as Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson and Fabinho.

tea and smartphone

Klopp has always used “sarcastic” analogies when talking about renewing Salah’s contract. In December 2021, Klopp said that “negotiating and trying to extend the contract of a player like Salah is not like meeting someone for tea”, referring to the “complexity” of the negotiations.

And he returned in January 2022 to mock the “thorny” issue, saying: “Signing a huge contract is not the same as signing a smart phone plan contract, as the matter is quickly signed.”

He later came back to compare the matter with the merger between “two big companies”, in reference to the scale of Salah’s demands: “There are ongoing discussions, just as there are negotiations between two big companies about merging together. The agreement does not take place in one night.”

The consequences of Klopp’s statements

Klopp’s “knockout” blow came on Friday evening, when he expressed a clear position by standing by the club during the negotiations, stressing that Liverpool did everything he could.

The consequences of Klopp’s statements came “harsh” on Salah, so the comments of the “loving” Liverpool fans about Salah changed, and turned to the attack instead of the usual spinning words, which are the comments collected by the international newspaper “Sports Illustrated” in an article, Saturday.

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Among what the fans said: “I’m not worried. As long as we find a replacement, the club will not break its policy to keep Salah. He is getting older anyway.”

Another fan wrote: “We have to sell and move on, so why waste more time for Salah. We know our budget and we can’t bankrupt the club for one player.”

Another fan attacked Salah’s desire to renew the contract: “He can go. See how he will perform outside our system. Just look at Coutinho and Wijnaldum.”

Salah demands

According to several sources, Salah wants a salary of up to 400,000 pounds per week, like the Belgian star of Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne.

Salah recently clarified in an interview that sparked controversy with “GQ” magazine that his financial demands to renew his contract with Liverpool “are not crazy”.

Salah said: “I want to stay in Liverpool, but it is not in my hands, it is in their hands. The club management knows what I want. I do not ask for things that are impossible or illogical.”

In the event that Salah receives this salary, he will receive twice what most of the big Liverpool stars such as Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold receive, and three times what Senegalese Sadio Mane receives, which is something that Klopp may never accept.

As for Klopp himself, he earns 330,000 pounds per week, more than any “star” in his red battalion.