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The arrest of activists in Hong Kong has sparked Western criticism

The arrest of activists in Hong Kong has sparked Western criticism

Friday – 12 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 13 May 2022 AD Release number. [

Hong Kong: “Middle East”

China on Thursday backed the arrest of a 90-year-old Catholic cardinal under Hong Kong’s national security law, a move that provoked international outrage and deepened concerns about Beijing’s repression of freedom in the city.
On Wednesday, Chinese authorities arrested retired Cardinal Joseph Zen, one of Asia’s leading Catholic clergy, and a group of senior Democrats on charges of “collaborating with foreign powers.”
The detainees include popular pop singer Dennis Ho, famous lawyer Margaret Eng and thinker Hui Po Kyung.
The AFP quoted the office of the commissioner representing the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong as saying that “those involved are suspected of conspiring with foreign powers or foreign powers to endanger national security.”
Four people have been arrested for participating in a previously disbanded fund to fund the protection of prisoners and the treatment of wounded during a wave of violent protests that struck the island three years ago.
China retaliated with massive protests with massive repression of the democratic movement.
Cardinal Zen and his comrades, who were released on bail late Wednesday, joined the more than 180 Hong Kong residents arrested so far under Beijing’s national security law to stop the protests.
Defendants are usually denied bail and face life imprisonment if convicted.
Western nations quickly condemned the arrests, accusing China of seizing Hong Kong’s promised independence.
The United States, which has previously imposed sanctions on Chinese officials over its continued repression, has called on Beijing to “stop targeting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.”
Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie described the arrests as “extremely worrying”.
Singer Denise, who is campaigning for homosexuality, is from Canada.
EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel said he was following the arrests “with great concern”, while Human Rights Watch described it as “a shocking new devastation to Hong Kong”.
The Vatican has expressed concern over the arrest of Cardinal Jean, saying “this closely follows the development of the situation.”
Cardinal Zen fled Shanghai after the Communists seized power in China in 1949, took refuge in Hong Kong, and rose to religious positions and became bishop of the city.
Zen has been a longtime advocate for Hong Kong’s democratic movement, accusing the Vatican of “selling” China’s underground Catholic church, and compromising with Beijing on the appointment of chief bishops.
Catholic clergy in post-Jain Hong Kong have been less critical of Beijing in recent years.
Hong Kong’s High Diocese said in a statement yesterday that it was “deeply concerned” about the condition and security of Cardinal Joseph Jenn. “We firmly believe that in the future we will continue to enjoy religious freedom in Hong Kong under the Basic Law,” he added, referring to the city’s small constitution, which guarantees fundamental freedoms.
The national newspaper Ta Kung Pao, affiliated with the Beijing Liaison Office in Hong Kong, published an article yesterday accusing the detainees of committing “six crimes”. In these crimes, the newspaper reports that he sponsored a meeting of activists with British MPs with the aim of lobbying and financially aiding the “rioters” in Hong Kong who fled to Canada and Taiwan, as well as receiving donations from abroad.
But most of the crimes listed in the newspaper occurred before the National Security Act came into force, and this law should not have a retroactive effect.

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