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The arrest of the woman who deceived the world by the story of her giving birth to 10 twins

The arrest of the woman who deceived the world by the story of her giving birth to 10 twins

The rope of the lie is as short as the rope of the navel this time. A play about a South African woman, named Gosiame Sithole, who is 37 years old, ended up deceiving the world and most of its means for 10 days. She claims to have given birth to 7 males and 3 femalesYesterday, Thursday, they confirmed that those whom had previously suspected of telling her, “was not pregnant at all,” so she arrested her to find out what she was referring to, but they first transferred her to a local hospital “to assess her psychological condition” to be looked into later, according to What local media reported today.

The news of “birth” that dazzled the world, and they thought it broke all records, was believed by almost everyone, because it first appeared in a reliable and famous newspaper, still issued since 1899 and bearing the name of the capital of South Africa, is Pretoria News, which can be found on the Internet on the famous Independent Onlin website IOL is an acronym.

We don’t have a record of the ten children.

Although the authorities of Gauteng County, in which the capital is located, told the newspaper two days later, what could be considered a quasi-denial of the news, saying: “We do not have a record of the ten children, unless they were born in the air,” but the newspaper continued to follow their news, and that their birth took place in a hospital. Steve Biko Academic Hospital on June 7, and that “their whereabouts and their health condition is still a mystery,” according to the newspaper, which did not mention any source for its information, information that the hospital also denied the section related to it as the place of their birth.

As for the stepfather, Teboho Tsotetsi, who is 40 years old, he stated in a statement issued “in the name of the family” that he did not see the twins, who are supposed to be his children, but relied on his wife’s story, which he doubted, while the wife claimed that she was hiding them from him “because he seeks to exploit them and obtain donations to become Millionaire”, according to what we hear in the video shown above, and it is the first video in which she appears since the spread of her fabricated news on June 9.

So far, the hospital in which the “mother” claims the birth of her ten twins has not been fully identified, nor has a picture of them been published, nor has a doctor appeared to confirm their birth on his hands, or someone confirms their vision. Although the news was classified by the South African authorities as a fabrication, and the police arrested her because of it, her arrest has not yet been based on a specific charge, so “it is not a traditional detention,” according to what local media quoted Revelo Mokoena, her lawyer who still refuses to respond to. His contacts with her so far.