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The art of persuasion

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“Persuasion” is an art and a skill, and it is one of the basic communication tools. It is defined as the ability to influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and change motives and even intentions, which explains why some experts call it the term “influence” due to the amazing capabilities that “persuasion” possesses in delivering messages. Changing feelings and attitudes.

In our lives we meet many people, some of whom possess the tools of persuasion, and others lack it because they do not realize that it is a “skill that must be learned and trained”, due to the high ability it bears in influencing, since the art of “persuasion” is based primarily on the idea of ​​“admiration”, the more The desire to listen to the idea, accept it, and support it also increased. Despite this, this art still has its own rules, which we all know and enjoy, but some of us do not make good use of them, so you find it lacking the tools of persuasion.

The first of these rules is to know the type of target public base, which helps in knowing the nature of the language of this base, which makes paying attention to these details very important in the “art of persuasion.” Of course, knowing the language of the other party is not enough, as you need to be aware of the ways to communicate with him. , to avoid engaging in sterile arguments and debates, and to avoid the offensive style, as persuasive people always tend to present their ideas with confidence and firmness, away from aggression, and never try to prove their positions because they believe that the type of style earns them the love of people in the long run.

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The use of positive body language is one of the most important rules of this art. Paying attention to gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice will attract the other party to the idea and make it more open to it. Here, clarity in speech plays an important role, in facilitating the transfer of the idea to the other quickly and explaining it very clearly, in Whereas, honesty and frankness are effective keys to persuasion and an important indicator of having self-confidence, and avoiding pretense that may keep people away from you and ignore everything you say.

Massar: Your self-confidence and conviction in your idea are among the most important constituents and rules of persuasion.