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The artist, Mohamed Dakkak, about his participation in the series “The Story of the Girls of Al-Sibai”: A decisive boundary in our lives.

The artist, Mohamed Dakkak, about his participation in the series “The Story of the Girls of Al-Sibai”: A decisive boundary in our lives.


Filming of “Hekayat Banat al-Sibai” from the series “Had Fasl” has ended, and the story consists of 5 episodes, and it is directed by Tamer Hamza. And the story of “Daughters of Al-Sibai” starring a number of artists, including: Reem Al-Baroudi, Muhammad Al-Taji, Edward, Muhammad Al-Daqqaq, Fadi Khafaga, Mahmoud Hegazy, Heba Hassan, Ahmed Jamal Saeed.

Dot Al Khaleej website provides you with details of some of the roles of the artists, including the artist Mohamed Al Dakkak, during the following lines.

The role of the artist Muhammad al-Daqqaq in the story of the Sibai girls

The artist, Mohamed Dakkak, told Dot Al-Khaleej website, some details about his character in the series “Hadat Fasl” “Hekayat Al-Sibai’s Girls,” saying: “He once played the role of a person of rural origins who works in Cairo in a compound, so something happens with his involvement in Bidbes during 5 episodes with the experience.”

He also indicated that the experience in this role for him is different, saying: “The experience is different for me. The first time I played a role like this, but I am happy with this experience.”

He pointed out that the series “The Limit Breaker” represents a dividing line in our lives, saying: “The series Limit Break is like what Professor Tamer said. It is a decisive line in our lives, whether good or evil.”

The works of the artist Mohamed Dakkak during this period

The artist, Mohamed Dakkak, also stated about the works he is working on during this period, saying: “In Villa 101 is close, God willing.” And he said about some of the works that he is being shown in the current period: “The series My Nasibi and Your Division is currently showing, “Hadutah Sweet Al Laqta,” and I have a public transmission with Professor Khaled Adib.”

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The artist Mohamed Dakkak in the context of Ramadan 2022

The artist, Mohamed Dakkak, said about his roles in the context of Ramadan 2022: “Until now, there is nothing but, God willing, I mean.”

Sweet story heroes

Hekayat Helwa Al-Luqta is performed by a number of artists, including: Hani Adel, Muhammad Al-Daqqaq, Mirna Nour Al-Din, Essam Al-Sakka, Tony Maher, Gilan Ali, Mustafa Haridi, Essam Al-Sakka, Hamza Al-Eli.

Sweet story story

The events of Hadota Sweet Al-Luqta revolve around a photographer who goes in with an assistant, accompanied by a model, to take pictures of her, but something unexpected happens, which is the turning point in the events upside down.

The main role in the story “Helwet Al-Luqta” is coincidence, as at first the team loses its way and goes to another place. The photographer “Khaled” sees a house called “House of Happiness”, and admires it strongly, then chooses it to be a location for filming, despite his intention from the beginning The matter is to go to another place, and film in one place “House of Happiness” and the related part “The Cave” because most of the events take place there where the gang detains everyone, and also the events take place during one day, and each episode ends with a very interesting ending for what will happen in the episodes that followed by.

In addition to the coincidence of their presence in a place where the gang goes to hide, on the same day as well as the same time for all of them to gather together and the events begin from here, and from the beginning “Khaled” and the model team “Roca” are in agreement and there is more than one disagreement between them, but after The problem occurred and the gang kidnapped them, a reconciliation occurred between them and they became friends and cooperated together to get out of this place.

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