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The Artists Syndicate comments on Heba Tawaji's apology for her concert in Damascus

The Artists Syndicate comments on Heba Tawaji’s apology for her concert in Damascus

The head of the Damascus branch of the Syndicate of Artists, Tamader Ghanem, commented on the apology of the Lebanese singer, Heba Tawaji, for her concert, which was scheduled to be held at the Opera House in Damascus.

Tamader Ghanem said in a post on her account on “Facebook”: “Balofa we were, and they were, and in simple situations, they built .. Come on, what is missing from you.”

Heba Tawaji and Maestro Osama Rahbani’s apology for the ceremony was the latest wave of controversy on social media platforms, for Tawaji to come out in a video through her Instagram account to explain that the reason for her apology is due to what she described as the spasms that affect her personally, in addition to the great regional spasms.

Tawaji explained that the world is witnessing a state of political conflicts today, and therefore she consulted with her team, of which she is a member, and they all have the right to express their opinion, including musicians and technicians, about the concert, so that the decision was taken to postpone the concert in Syria.

Tawaji confirmed that she respects her fans everywhere in the Arab world, including the Syrian audience, who exchanged love and respect, pointing out that a new meeting will be held for her in Syria with better conditions.

It is indicated that The organizer of the concert considered that the reasons for the cancellation by the Lebanese artists are “not clear or convincing”, after tickets were put up for sale and are close to being sold out, and “all the necessary technical and logistical arrangements have been prepared.”.

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