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The asteroid Apophis has been removed from the list of dangerous space objects SCIEPRO / SCIENCE Image Library

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Vyacheslav Avdeev, a researcher at the Astronomical Space Center of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, announced that the “killer asteroid” was removed from the list of dangerous space objects on Earth.

He says, “It turned out that our fear was in vain, because the asteroid Apophis in 2029 will not collide with Earth, but will pass near it. That is, it does not pose a danger to our planet, so it was removed from the list of the 20 most dangerous asteroids.”

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And he adds, but at the same time, this asteroid remains the subject of constant monitoring, as it will pass in 2029 near Earth at a distance of 31,000 km, “that is, where there are geostationary satellites.”

He says, “The length of the asteroid’s body is about 400 meters. It can be seen in the sky as a third-class star, and this is somewhat weaker than the stars of the major constellation Bear.

It is reported that astronomers discovered the asteroid Apophis in 2004. Its discovery caused a sensation, as scientists calculated that the probability of it colliding with the Earth in 2029 is 2.7 percent. The asteroid was named after Abu Phis, the god of evil and destruction in ancient Egypt. But it became clear from subsequent calculations that this asteroid will pass on April 13, 2029, at a distance of 37,600 km from the center of the Earth. Also, the possibility of a collision with the Earth in 2068 is very small or even unlikely. Therefore, the asteroid Abu Vis does not pose any danger to Earth and accordingly it was removed from the list of dangerous asteroids.

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Source: RIA Novosti