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The athletes will be tested daily during the Tokyo Olympics

The athletes will be tested daily during the Tokyo Olympics

As expected, the decision on whether Japanese spectators will at least be able to go to the Olympic stadiums has been postponed until June. It was originally scheduled to be clarified by the end of April, but a state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and three other regions since the end of last week due to the increase in coronavirus cases. It has already been decided that foreign viewers will not participate due to the global health situation.

The daily exam for athletes is a significant change from the first edition of the handbook published in February, which included tests every four days. Other Olympic Games participants will be tested daily for the first three days after arrival, and less often for the remainder of their stay depending on their job and contact with the athletes.

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All game participants must reduce contact more than one meter with game participants who have been on site for more than 14 days and with locals. They will not be allowed to use public transportation, but only vehicles intended to transport Olympic participants. Similar restrictions apply to meals: athletes must eat in the canteens at sports venues, in restaurants in their accommodation or directly in rooms using room service or food delivery.

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Close contact will be defined as a person who will be in contact for more than 15 minutes closer than a meter without a veil with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus. Especially if this happens in closed spaces, such as in cars or hotel rooms. All cases will be reported to the Japanese health authorities.

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The International Olympic Committee agreed to amend the guide with the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Tokyo prefectural government and the government of Japan. The Olympic Games, which have been postponed from last year to this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, will begin on July 23.