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The Audi A6 electric car will arrive in two years.  It will use completely new technology

The Audi A6 electric car will arrive in two years. It will use completely new technology

The arrival of the electric version of the Audi A6 already in the spring indicated the concept of the A6 e-tron. But the standard version of a large electric car is closer than many thought.

The management of the Volkswagen Group is widely promoting electric driving, which, in addition to the parent brand, is increasingly affecting other members of the group as well. This also applies to Audi, which plans to sell only electric cars from 2028. This will lead to further development, including the large A6 model.

The arrival of the Audi A6 with an electric motor has been speculated for a long time, which intensified this spring after the introduction of the A6 e-tron concept giving clear evidence of the effort to electrify this upper-middle-class model. Until now, there was talk that the A6 would not see the electric version until the new generation. But in the end, it looks different.

A spokesperson for the brand confirmed in the American promotional campaign for media site CNET that the series Audi e-tron is already being prepared for 2023, provided that it is released next year. Since the current (fifth) generation of the Audi A6 has only been in production since 2018, it is not expected to succeed the new generation until the middle of the decade, which indicates that the new A6 e-tron will be sold alongside the current version. For a while, at least.

The large electric car will be based directly on the concept of this year’s A6 e-tron presented at the Shanghai Auto Show. Its structure suggests the appearance of mass-produced future Audi models and sends clear signals about how dynamic and elegant the high-powered cars bearing the four circles logo are., the automaker wrote in an official press release about the concept’s premiere, indicating that the serial car will be very close to it.


There will be an entirely new technical basis in the gut. Specifically, it is a platform Personal protective equipment Developed by Audi in cooperation with Porsche, it is designed for large electric cars (both luxury and sports). Its central element is a group of batteries in the floor between the axles, which, specifically in the case of the A6 e-tron concept, has a capacity of 100 kWh. Compared with MEB for compact electric cars, it differs, for example, by the use of an 800-volt electric system or a more advanced chassis with a five-element suspension in the front, a multi-element rear suspension and an air suspension.

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The Audi A6 e-tron will be the next step in expanding the range of electric four-wheelers. The electric SUV Q6 e-tron has already been confirmed for 2022It is also the use of personal protective equipment architecture. In the future, the electric version should also be offered, for example, with the A4 model. and some The city electric car will likely replace the A1 as well.