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The Bahrain Tourism Authority is investigating the case of fraud against Hani Shaker

In an official statement, the Bahrain Tourism Authority confirmed an investigation into the merits of the fraud against the artist, Hani Shaker, from the contractor of his last concert in Bahrain.

The authority stated that it had started an urgent investigation, immediately after circulating a video of the artist, Hani Shaker, from his concert in Bahrain, in which he announced that he had been subjected to fraud.

The authority stressed that it is keen to take the lead in everything that would harm the reputation of national tourism, and confirmed that it will not hesitate to take all measures, in a way that preserves the commitment of all parties to the responsibilities required by laws, regulations and contracts.

This came after the circulation of a video by the artist, Hani Shaker, during his last concert in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where he said: I love you very much and respect your presence with me very much..despite the western circumstances that happened to me and my band today and the contractor’s escape and his lack of commitment to pay us the band’s wages and my wages..but I My presence with you is sweeter than my wages a million times.

The artist, Hani Shaker, surprised his audience by being exposed to the monument, and the performer of the concert escaped without giving him his wages or the wages of his band, but despite what happened, the artist decided not to cancel the concert, and he revived it without getting paid, because of his appreciation for the audience at the ceremony.

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The Syndicate of Musical Professions commented on the incident that it is in direct contact with officials and the competent authorities in Bahrain, and saluted his position and insistence on reviving his concert despite what he was exposed to, stressing that the competent authorities in Bahrain will reach the fugitive contractor.